As educators, it is our responsibility to give students hope and inspiration for the future. Amid a global health crisis that’s claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people in the U.S., this is increasingly difficult. But now it’s more important than ever.

Students need something to look forward to. They need someone to show them what’s possible, and how to get there. This is where educators come in. And as an educator for eight years, this is a role I take seriously. But all educators across the country need support to carry out this role.

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I got into education to help improve the school experience for students in my home state. New Mexico is one of the lowest-ranked states in the nation for education and I wanted to help improve the lives of the next generation. Over nearly a decade, I’ve learned first-hand that by improving education, we can improve quality of life.

Then COVID-19 struck. The virus quickly swept across the world and here in New Mexico. From our major cities to tribal lands, no corner has been spared. The pandemic is changing many aspects of our lives. With the number of cases continuing to rise across the state, it is clear we will be dealing with this for a long time.

About the Author:

Lorraine Nobes currently serves as the Director of School Operations for Destinations Career Academy of New Mexico. The online public school is in its first year of serving students across the state with a full-time, online school solution that is working to meet the unique needs of the student population. If you need to get in contact with Lorraine directly, she can be reached at 505-906-6180 x 2012 or via email