Teknikio Releases Tekniverse for K-12 Students to Collaborate in Building Remote or In-Person

Students learn about the Internet of Things (IoT) and create smart projects using DIY starter kits from Teknikio

Teknikio has released a new collaborative learning kit called Tekniverse, which gives students the ability to make and remake connected smart objects in partnership with their classmates and teacher. Tekniverse can be used in remote learning or in-person classrooms because there is a cloud-based platform to program the hand-held circuit boards which can be programmed in endless ways.

“Tekniverse gives students instant feedback from physical sensors which can be programmed to act as weather stations, walkie talkies and more,” said Deren Güler, founder of Teknikio. “Tekniverse offers a unique opportunity to create a virtual classroom experience where tools can be used and shared digitally across the Internet and feel as if students and educators are physically looking over each other’s shoulders, sharing real-time discovery and excitement.”

Tekniverse is a hardware and software ecosystem that provides a gateway to code and connect projects and people. It was designed for remote-learning, digital justice, and open-ended exploration. The boards are cost effective and durable, which is especially important for students using them at home. Teknikio’s components are designed and tested to appeal to boys and girls, and the lesson resources are intentionally gender-neutral. As classrooms around the country grappled with how to use manipulatives that were designed for classroom settings, Teknikio’s iterative, project-based, and experiential learning could still occur remotely.

There are five core components of IoT system architecture: end-devices, data conduits, data storage, data analysis, and triggered objects. Tekniverse gives students access to all of these components in a visually intuitive and engaging experience so that students can create their personal network of connected/smart things. “These are the roots of learning about interconnected systems,” added Güler. “Tekniverse let’s students work together to build, create, and iterate whether or not they are physically in the same classroom.”

Teknikio launched Tekniverse at ISTE 2020, which is the largest education technology conference in the U.S.

About Teknkio
Teknikio has rapidly developed a new digital platform that interfaces with their hand-held electronic circuit boards. Teachers and students work collaboratively on their projects using wireless technology which makes Teknikio especially useful in remote instruction. As classrooms around the country grappled with how to use manipulatives that were designed for classroom settings, Teknikio has quickly streamlined the hardware needed and revised their software so that iterative, project-based, and experiential learning can still occur remotely or in-class. Learn more at

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