Like every educator, Frank Pileiro has had to pivot. As Supervisor of Technology at Linwood Board of Education in South Jersey, he has the added pressure of overseeing their robust maker space programs while managing the current hybrid teaching setup.

In this conversation with eSchool News, Frank explains how to keep engaging students, even if it’s from a distance.

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eSN: Tell us about your STEM setup.

FP: We actually have our computer teacher at our elementary schools, who has morphed into a STEM teacher as well, which is great. She’s doing great stuff down there. Up at fifth through eighth grade at the middle school, every kid gets it. While a lot of districts are getting rid of shop class or converting it to something where the teachers do it in the classrooms, our district is really committed to keeping it because they see how it reaches across the curriculum and it can reinforce what the other teachers are doing, no matter what subject it is.

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