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With 87,000+ schools closing, the idea of school districts moving to a digital platform has become a reality. As a teacher, you’re probably feeling information overload. Not only has your normal day to day routine of teaching completely changed, the sheer amount of tools and information to go through can be staggering.

As a virtual teacher, I promise you, this can be an opportunity to build relationships, achieve academic objectives, promote a fun learning environment, and I can show you how.

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1. Schedule out your week

Synchronous vs asynchronous: There’s been a ton of talk about synchronous and asynchronous learning, for good reason. An effective online teacher combines both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities for their students. Virtual Teacher Tip: Have scheduled live lessons “office hours” or collaborations throughout the day at specific times, but allow for plenty of time for students to complete work in a more flexible time frame.

About the Author:

Samantha Hall is a social studies instructor with Marion Virtual School.