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As a teacher, team building is something that comes naturally. We do it to break the ice at the beginning of the year, to build a community in our classroom, and as a brain break when our kids (or the teachers) need a break.

Now that we are all learning and teaching from home, building a community and connecting with our kids is a little harder with distance learning factored in.

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Here are 10 excellent team-building strategies to keep the kids engaged and having fun all while learning a little more about their classmates and building a better community.

1. ​Name Game: Every member of the group chooses an adjective that starts with the same letter as the first letter of their first name. They put that adjective in front of their first name, and they have their new name. So for example: Joyful Jill. For an added challenge, you can see if people can remember everyone’s names throughout the conversation.  

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Passions ignite a fire deep within you that leads you to your purpose. Jill is a firm believer that we should be leading people to find their passions and this starts with our youth. Jill is a passionate educator always looking for better ways to reach her students, their families, and the community. Currently, she is a technology specialist who works with kids in grades K-4. However, she has worked in every type of school at every grade level. She loves sharing positivity with as many people as she can and believes that together, we are better.