Teachermade Launches Upgraded Pro Version Of Its Popular Interactive Worksheet Software

TeacherMade, the app for making free interactive worksheets, has launched TeacherMade PRO, a premium edition with powerful capabilities for interactive digital learning. 

June 1, 2021

Amelia Island, FL — TeacherMade, the Teacher’s app for making online interactive worksheets, has added a premium edition to its popular free digital worksheet software today. The new service is called ‘TeacherMade PRO.TeacherMade PRO includes dozens of powerful upgrades, including time-saving features for Teachers, integrations with popular learning management systems, and tools for multimedia enhancement of PDFs, such as video, audio, and hyperlinks. Teachers, Schools, and School Districts can now purchase TeacherMade PRO with either a credit card or purchase order.

TeacherMade’s free digital worksheet creation software was the breakout hit of the 2020-21 school year. Between September 2020 and May 2021, Teachers created over 3 million online worksheets and assigned them to more than 6 million students who completed nearly 40 million assignments. What makes TeacherMade so popular? For starters, TeacherMade solved a big problem for Teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic: during the lockdowns, most Teachers had to convert their existing in-person curriculum to an online curriculum. This meant creating a year’s worth of digital learning materials, which was a prohibitively difficult task with existing tools such as Google Forms or Slides. TeacherMade turned this impossible job into an easy one. 

Teachers simply upload their PDF into TeacherMade, then drag-and-drop interactive questions on top of it, turning the digital PDF into an interactive document. Teachers then send this digital worksheet to their students, and the students answer the questions online using their laptop, Chromebook, or tablet. Most of the question types available in TeacherMade can be set to grade themselves automatically, saving many hours in a Teacher’s day. 

TeacherMade PRO enhances the capabilities of TeacherMade even further, turning TeacherMade from a Covid-19 problem-solver into an interactive digital learning tool. Such a tool is what is needed going forward. In fact, most Teachers, students, and parents don’t want a return to the old ways of paper worksheets, even though the vast majority of schools plan to return to 100% in-person instruction next school year. The fact is, interactive digital activities enhance learning in a number of ways that paper worksheets just can’t achieve. 

For example, TeacherMade PRO allows audio, video, and hyperlinks to be embedded in activities, opening a whole new world of possibilities for project-based learning, personalized instruction, and digital literacy. Furthermore, TeacherMade PRO’s integrations with the popular learning management systems Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas, make assigning and grading fast and easy, which frees-up large amounts of time for one-on-one interactions with students. 

The full list of TeacherMade PRO features can be found on the company’s Website at https://teachermade

TeacherMade has resonated with Teachers in a big way, and that may be in large part to the company’s CEO, Laura Bresko. She is not only a serial ed-tech entrepreneur, but also a former Teacher. According to Bresko “During the pandemic, Teachers, along with other front-line professionals, were asked to step up in so many ways, and they delivered one hundred percent. We were honored to be able to help them out when society was asking them to go the extra mile, but with very little extra support. Now Teachers are going back to school with a whole new set of skills and tools, and they want to take their instruction to the next level, to prepare their students for a digital world. TeacherMade PRO is going to help them do that, too.”

Many features of TeacherMade PRO have been available to all TeacherMade users since February 2021, as part of TeacherMade’s PRO Open House program. On July 1, users of TeacherMade will be able to continue using TeacherMade PRO by purchasing an annual subscription for $49. This is one of the least expensive subscriptions available to Teachers. Schools and school districts will also be able to purchase TeacherMade PRO for their Teachers for the same low per-Teacher price, or purchase an unlimited annual site license for $1.11 per student. Schools and districts can get a free quote online at https://teachermade.com/plans/

Says Bresko, “It’s not enough to make great Teacher Tools; they have to be affordable so Teachers and students can benefit.”

eSchool News Staff

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