Robotify Partners with Steve Wozniak’s Woz ED to Virtualize the STEM Learning Experience

Global virtual robotics education company Robotify has partnered with Steve Wozniak’s Woz ED to provide over 3,500 schools, coding clubs and school districts across the globe with cost-effective access to the world’s most premium robotics technology.

In a cutting-edge deal, Irish-based Robotify is providing their proprietary software to Woz ED which allows the company to virtualize its physical STEM pathways, providing students with a virtual robotics experience in addition to existing physical experiences. The deal will see both companies collaborate to reach tens of thousands of students around the world to give them equitable access to coding and robotics educational content.

“I’m impressed with the way Robotify makes coding engaging and accessible. By virtualizing the technology, more young people will have the opportunity to learn and explore,” said Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder & Founder of Woz ED. “Both Woz ED and Robotify focus on ensuring young learners are job-ready for the most in-demand tech sector openings. We provide learners with the opportunity to engage in authentic projects to help them understand what work they love and excel at.”

Woz ED, founded and inspired by Wozniak, is a leader of K-12 STEM education around the world, providing students with access to high-quality technology training. However, during COVID-19, student access to physical robotics hardware has been severely impacted and the cost of physical hardware has made it a challenge to continue to provide robotics programming to students.

“Due to the pandemic and the shift to remote learning, components of STEM education have been greatly affected,” said Hannah Dobson, VP Entertainment & Media, Enterprise Ireland, Ireland’s trade and innovation agency. “Recognizing the importance of continuing access to STEM education, Robotify’s solutions have been able to provide students with the opportunity to continue exploring their interest in coding and advancing their skills in robotics virtually. The team at Enterprise Ireland is excited to support Robotify with this new partnership with Woz ED and to see them continue to grow and expand further into global markets.”

The deal is part of Robotify’s commitment to enable students across the globe access to the world’s most premium robotics technology in a cost-effective, accessible and equitable way as part of their Robotify Enabled program. Robotify has set an ambitious goal of making their cutting-edge simulation software, CMS platform and virtual robotics competition software accessible to millions of students globally.

“I am delighted to partner with such a fantastic team at Woz ED. I have always admired Steve Wozniak, so to be able to work with his team and share the same vision of nurturing the makers of the future by making STEM education more accessible to all students across the globe, is really exciting for me and the whole team at Robotify,” said Adam Dalton, Chief Executive Officer, Robotify.

The partnership will also include participation from Steve Wozniak at the upcoming virtual Robotify Expo on September 23, 2021. The Robotify Expo will celebrate new advancements in STEM education, allow attendees to learn from key industry experts, and showcase new and exciting products from Robotify.

More information about the Robotify Expo, including other high-profile keynote speakers, will be announced in the coming weeks.

To view a video of Steve Wozniak announcing the partnership with Robotify, please click here.

About Robotify: Robotify helps the next generation to learn how to control robots and learn how to code. Using Robotify, students have access to the latest and greatest robots without having to ever purchase real hardware. Robotify gives students access to robots and environments that have never been accessible before through a web browser. For more information on Robotify, please visit

About Woz ED: Woz ED is the leader in demand-driven K-12 education. Steve Wozniak, the Founder and inspiration behind Woz ED, recognizes the worldwide need for nurturing an engineering mindset in our young people. Their programs focus on ensuring their learners are job-ready for the most in-demand tech sector openings and provide learners the opportunity to engage in authentic projects to help them understand what work they love and excel at. Woz ED’s lessons are purposefully designed to build an engineering mindset while developing the soft skills employers value. Collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking are inherent in every project. For more information on Woz ED, please visit

About Enterprise Ireland: Enterprise Ireland is the Irish State agency that works with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate, and win export sales in global markets. Enterprise Ireland partners with entrepreneurs, Irish businesses, and the research and investment communities to develop Ireland’s international trade, innovation, leadership, and competitiveness. For more information on Enterprise Ireland, please visit

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