Reading Eggs Reaches 20 Million Users Milestone

During the Pandemic, Learners Spent More than 43 Million Hours on Fun, Sequenced Lessons From Reading Eggs and Mathseeds, Which Create a Level Playing Field for Learners

NEW YORK, NY – August 10, 2021– Reading Eggs, a Blake eLearning program that creates a unique online world where children learn to read, today announced that the platform now has over 20 million users worldwide. Over the past year, learners spent more than 43 million hours using the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds programs, which create a level playing field for learners with sequenced lessons that feature interactive animations, fun games, songs, and rewards that keep children engaged and motivated to learn.  

School closures related to the pandemic disrupted education for children worldwide. According to  UNICEF, more than 168 million children lost almost a full year of in-person instruction. Many parents who are working from home struggle to help their kids keep up with remote school sessions. And remote learning can be especially challenging for children engaged in formative instruction like learning to read. Millions of parents turned to Reading Eggs to set their children up for success.  

“Reading Eggs is a popular worldwide reading and math program,” said Katy Pike, Chief Product Officer at Reading Eggs. “Starting last year, demand spiked, and now we have more than 20 million users to date. Just in the past year, learners spent more than 43 million hours using our platforms to learn in a fun, interactive online environment. Kids love playing in the program, and parents are pleased when children are learning instead of playing video games or watching TV.”  

One of the ways Reading Eggs helps learners get up to speed quickly and maintain their reading skills is by offering a placement test up front so they can start learning at the appropriate level and make progress at their own pace. Children can access Reading Eggs anywhere, anytime, and if they forget a skill, they can repeat a lesson to refresh. With half of the year remote learning due to COVID-19, Kindergarten students who spent an average of 26 minutes per week using Reading Eggs progressed 1.1 grade levels in a  study conducted during the 2019-2020 school year. The songs, animation and rewards keep children motivated, and so does the success they achieve by learning at the rate that works best for them.    

An incredibly powerful learning tool, Reading Eggs is used by many schools, which take advantage of the program’s hundreds of lessons and its library containing thousands of online books. Reading Eggs is a great supplement for in-class or remote instruction, and the enormous increase in users and hours spent on the program suggests that more parents and teachers are reaching out for programs that promote active learning in the wake of the pandemic.  

Available online or as an Android or iOS app, Reading Eggs makes learning reading skills fun for children ages 2 to 13, with alphabet and spelling games, phonics activities, word puzzles, nursery rhymes and story books. Find out more about Reading Eggs at  

About Reading Eggs, a Blake eLearning Program  The Reading Eggs program was developed by Blake eLearning, which specializes in creating top-quality literacy products for schools and educators throughout the world. Created by experienced teachers, educational writers, animators and web developers, the Reading Eggs program focuses on a core reading curriculum, teaching skills and strategies that are essential for sustained reading success. It supports and supplements material students learn in school to improve academic results, keeping kids engaged with games, puzzles, animation, songs, and stories. Learn more at

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