A new virtual field trip explores the history of Veterans Day and the importance of service

5 ways to teach students about Veterans Day

A new virtual field trip explores the history of Veterans Day and the importance of service

3. Organize and recognize any of your school staff who have served in the military.  I know in our school, we have several veterans and it is important for our students to know this.  This could take various forms such as writing a card to them, putting up a thank you message on their door, or decorating an area in your school to celebrate their service to our country.  An idea that might involve a little more planning might be to host a breakfast or lunch for these individuals.  Make it as big or as small of an event as you would like.  Start with something and see how it can grow from year to year. 

4. If your school does announcements, broadcast productions or social media posts, you could recognize various ways members in your community serve others.  I am sure once you get the conversation going, students will recognize that there are so many individuals that do good for their community.  It might even spark conversation in regards to how they can help out.  

5. Connect with your local veterans organization or other civic organizations.  Sometimes asking specifically what their ideas or needs are might lead you in so many interesting directions around civic life. 

In our classrooms, I find that our students are excited to learn especially when the lesson is connected to the real world. These tips, and the Voices of U.S. – Why We Serve virtual field trip, help bring the learning to life. 

Viewing information and learning resources 

Voices of U.S. – Why We Serve premieres Wednesday, November 10th at 1:00 PM ET. 

Here’s how you can view it: 

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