One elementary school is using its online literacy platform to prep students for the 3rd-grade reading test and make data-driven decisions.

5 reasons we greatly value our online literacy platform

How one K-4 elementary school is using its online literacy program to prepare its students for the third-grade reading test and reach learners across all reading levels

With 640 students in grades K-4, our Mississippi elementary school serves a diverse population. In 2020, we were at a point with the third-grade reading test where we weren’t as prepared as we should have been. We knew we had to dig deeper to better prepare our K-2 students, and we also knew this was an ongoing journey.

We started working with the Barksdale Reading Institute to help improve our students’ reading capabilities. Through our experience with the Institute’s Literacy for Leaders, we learned more about Lexia Core5 Reading and the role it could play in helping improve our younger learners’ reading capabilities and test scores.

5 reasons we needed an online literacy platform

We’ve had our online literacy platform in place since January 2020 and have seen significant benefits since then. We renewed our focus this year knowing just how valuable it was for our students, teachers, and parents.

Here are five reasons we focus on Core5:

  1. Helps us prioritize reading.  We set aside daily “WIN” or What I Need time during the day. This is when each grade level focuses on interventions and enrichment. Some teachers use the adaptive literacy program during WIN while others use it during their regular class instruction time as part of a center. The follow-up literacy small-group lessons and personalized skill builders takes place either during reading instruction or during WIN time.

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