Digital technologies enable communication and collaboration--teachers can use them to make students more productive with digital writing.

Why teach digital writing to students in 2022?

Digital technologies enable communication and collaboration, and teachers can use them to make their students more productive

That’s why writing is a core language skill we teach in schools, and the rapid growth of tech makes this skill even more critical to get:

By teaching students to write, educators help their mentees express themselves in the digital world and become a significant part of modern society that writes more than any prior generation in history.

Does digital writing matter in education?

It’s a rhetorical question, indeed. Teachers’ job is to prepare students for work and life; that is why they should do everything to help young people meet the challenges of digital writing and equip them with technology-related skills needed in the modern workspace.

In Because Digital Writing Matters, a book from the National Writing Project, the authors describe the importance of digital writing and explain why it matters in education today:

  • It’s a mode of thinking and interfacing with the world.
  • Digital writing supports learning across all subjects and helps to develop critical thinking.
  • It promotes tech development in schools, making educators create a learning environment that is perfect for growing digital literacy.
  • Digital writing helps to innovate learning.

We can “write” and create content in many new ways now. More modes are here: visual instruments (images, videos, charts, infographics, etc.); hypertext to link our writings and let more people see them; rewriting (we do it with or without permission but create new content anyway, sometimes even better and more valuable for our online audience), etc.

By the way, students actively use rewriting when crafting essays and other academic papers. Digital writing skills help them analyze, research, and be selective over the information they’ll use in their works.

Is digital writing challenging to include in the education process?

We’ve agreed that digital writing matters in education; however, it can be time-consuming and expensive for schools to implement the necessary techs for teaching and practicing it. On the other hand, some educational institutions find it acceptable to substitute teachers with digital techs as a cost-saving measure.

What do schools need to make digital writing work?

1. Engaged teachers
2. Engaging environment
3. Direct instructions
4. Practice
5. Revisions

Digital technologies enable communication and collaboration, and teachers can use them to make their students more productive. It can be a real challenge for educators to decide how to teach digital writing: The world is fast-changing now, so our educational system should always keep up with the times.

So, let’s keep up with the time together!

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