Innovate to Educate Entry

West Iredell Middle School

Rachel Oakley-Gregg, Math Teacher

What innovative technology initiative or project are you most proud of, and how has it improved teaching and learning in your school/district?

Mathcast is a innovative initiative that I have been working on for a couple of years. The concept is that students work collaboratively to digitally recording one's understanding of Mathematical Concepts via voice-recording, on-screen writing, video recording. Mathcast has allowed my students to show me digitally their understanding of concepts. They are able to share their methods for understandings with other students to help them better understand and grasp concepts. Since the projects are digital, the students are easily able to access them to review concepts as they move to future classes and need a quick review

What were some of the biggest challenges to your initiative, and how did you meet those challenges?

Challenges that came along with the use of implementing mathcast was student understanding of task and how to use technology appropriately to complete the task.

What are the three biggest components that need to be in place for tech innovation to succeed are:

Students must have access to wi-fi.
Students must understand how to use technology appropriately.
Students must be willing to try new things.

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