You can help your teachers develop strong practices with a teaching video library

Do your teachers know what good teaching looks like?

You can help your teachers develop strong practices with a teaching video library

Pick any high-priority instructional initiative in your district. Can you think of at least one teacher who is excelling in that priority area?

Maybe it’s an early-elementary teacher facilitating small group math learning. Or, maybe it’s a high-school science teacher appropriately deploying sheltered-instruction techniques into a lesson rich with academic language.

Now ask yourself… how can every other teacher get a chance to see that teacher’s classroom?

Unless you have unlimited substitutes for release time, I’d suggest using technology to solve this problem.

Try setting up a district-wide video library.

Video libraries are a valuable resource for teachers and instructional leaders to see concrete examples of excellent practice, as defined by your district. And libraries of teaching videos support high-quality and personalized professional learning in a number of ways, too.

Teaching video libraries tap districts’ existing expertise

Video libraries highlight the exemplary teaching practices already happening within your district. District video libraries of teaching aren’t just a collection of generic, canned videos – they are created by your educators, for your educators.

The videos within the library can highlight any effective teaching strategy. This could be a lead teacher demonstrating a new math strategy or a new teacher using strong academic language during a reading lesson–you name it.

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