As education continues to evolve, the use of technology is a crucial element for success and growth, both inside and outside of the classroom. Lenovo has over 30 years experience in classroom management, and LanSchool Air is indicative of the brand’s continued innovation. The product is an effective complement to one-to-one teaching and student-led learning in connected classrooms.

LanSchool and LanSchool Air allow teachers to manage multiple classroom activities within one central platform. Available for use in single classrooms and entire school districts, the software eliminates digital distractions, keeps students focused, and increases real-time collaboration in the classroom to improve student success. Instead of managing classroom devices, teachers can spend more quality time enabling student learning.

LanSchool Air is the first cloud-based version of the popular LanSchool classroom management software. LanSchool Air specifically designed for the Google Classroom™, as a software-as-a-service to eliminate hardware, security, and maintenance expenses; and reduce installation time for IT staff. It also ensures schools always have the latest features and functionality.

Technology that Supports Learning

Forest Hills Supports Better Teaching With Technology Using LanSchool Air

LanSchool Air, a cloud-based classroom management platform, helps educators monitor students’ progress, keep them on task, and engage them in learning more effectively—regardless of which Chromebook students are using.

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5 Secrets to Creating a 1:1 Computing Program on a Tight Budget

A flexible approach to BYOD is allowing a cash-strapped Connecticut district to create a 1:1 computing program in its schools. Here are five secrets to its success.

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1 Year of LanSchool at No Additional Cost on Lenovo Education Devices

Are you getting ready to buy new PCs for your classrooms? Have you been considering a 1:1 device program for your schools?

Did you know that Lenovo offers a way to bring advanced technology to the classroom and get more bang for your budget?

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Bridging Instruction and Technology

Picture this: Dozens of teachers, administrators and IT professionals have convened in southwest Florida to learn and share information on the latest innovations in classroom technology. Lenovo is there, as are BrainPOP, Microsoft, Lenovo Software and numerous other vendors.

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Blog: First Impressions from a LanSchool Air Early Adopter

Teachers and school administrators are always on the lookout for ways to keep students engaged and enthusiastically learning in a secure digital environment. Jennifer Lathrop, a fifth grade teacher at Oakdale Elementary in Montville, CT, is no different. Recently, Jennifer began incorporating LanSchool Air into her Chromebook environment. Read her first impressions here.

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LanSchool Super Powers

LanSchool classroom management software gives teachers the superpowers they need to become a Hero in the digital classroom. With the ability to monitor student progress and assist without drawing attention, teachers are better equipped to guide students through all stages of learning.

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eSchool News Insights

3 things schools must know about the rising “phigital” student

Why education must adapt now in order to accommodate Gen Z—but how?

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Best practices for rolling out tech in the classroom—an administrative perspective

Edtech director describes how her school planned a 1:1 rollout with success.

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5 examples of personalized learning in action

A new report explores how schools and districts take personalized learning into their own hands to benefit students.

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Do you make these common classroom-management mistakes?

Here are 9 classroom-management mistakes and how to avoid them

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Here’s my secret for better classroom management

An elementary SmartLab facilitator and longtime tech educator shares how she keeps students on track and on task

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