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Startling: New report reveals 10 ways students are outpacing their schools

Students reveal their favorite technology learning preferences and talk about where digital learning can take them

Although technology changes at a rapid pace, one thing is constant: today’s students have a deep desire to learn using digital tools and resources that engage them and help them develop real-world skills.

From mobile devices to gaming and online learning, students are ready to take charge of their learning, often outpacing their schools in their use of these digital tools for learning.

More than one-third of middle school students say they have already taken an online class in math, science and English. But they want more options, and said they would take more courses, and take a variety of subjects, if possible.

“Students have always self-directed some of their own learning, but with the explosion of mobile devices, 24/7 connectivity and digital resources, students are leaving adults behind as they explore subjects that interest them in the ways they learn best,” said Dr. Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow. Through Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up 2016 Research Project for Digital Learning, students shared their digital learning preferences.

“Despite all of the opportunity at their fingertips with the growth in educational technology access in schools, more than half (56 percent) of students say they use technology more often for learning outside of school than in school,” Evans said.

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Laura Ascione

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