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TeachAI, an initiative led by, ETS, the International Society of Technology in Education, Khan Academy, and the World Economic Forum, announced the launch of a groundbreaking resource for education leaders and policymakers around the world – Foundational Policy Ideas for AI in Education. The development of this resource was led by AASA, CCSSO,, CoSN, COSSBA, Education Commission of the States, ExcelinEd, ETS, InnovateEDU, NASBE, NSBA, NEA, SEAMEO, and SETDA. It is designed to help education leaders and policymakers navigate the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in education.

The resource, which has been informed by over 70 organizations representing industry, government, non-profits, and educator associations, offers policy ideas, informational briefs, talking points, and a customizable presentation. These materials propose five key policy ideas essential for the safe, effective, and responsible use of AI in education.

  1. Foster Leadership: Establish an AI in Education Task Force to oversee policy development and implementation.
  2. Promote AI Literacy: Integrate AI concepts and skills into existing curriculum and instruction.
  3. Provide Guidance: Equip schools with guidance on the safe and responsible use of AI.
  4. Build Capacity: Provide funding and programs to support professional development on AI.
  5. Support Innovation: Promote the research and development of safe and effective AI in education practices, curricula, and tools.

“These tools serve as practical resources, aiding leaders in understanding AI’s implications for education,” says Michele Blatt, State Superintendent of Schools, West Virginia. “It is critical that we ensure appropriate supports and guardrails are in place for our teachers and students to effectively use generative artificial intelligence. We must remember that AI is an additional technology tool that can increase productivity and support innovation while recognizing the importance of the teacher in the process.”

As AI becomes increasingly embedded in society and the workforce, education systems across the globe recognize the opportunity and the challenge posed by these advancements. From enhancing student engagement and addressing learning loss to transforming and redefining the essential skills of the workforce, AI offers possibilities for improving educational and career outcomes. This potential hinges on the responsible and ethical use of AI, taught through a framework that addresses critical concerns such as bias, misinformation, and the preparation of students for a world transformed by AI.

Nicolás Cataldo Astorga, Minister of Education, Chile, notes: “As educational systems, we must act swiftly to address a world where artificial intelligence is rapidly emerging. For public policy, this entails collaborating with communities, particularly educators, to creatively, critically, and safely harness these tools for learning, equity, and inclusion.”

“Artificial Intelligence will soon augment nearly every sector of our workforce, and our education system must prepare our students for that future,” says Chris Reykdal, Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “Our mission is to embrace AI in our classrooms to enhance student learning; centering student inquiry, student reflection, and critical thinking.”

TeachAI invites education leaders and policymakers to explore these foundational policy ideas as a step towards embracing the transformative potential of AI in education while also addressing its challenges with foresight and responsibility.

Catherine Truitt, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, North Carolina, says: “By equipping educators and students with the knowledge and skills of AI, we are ensuring they are better prepared for their future. This valuable resource can help create policies and practices to responsibly incorporate AI into education.”

Visit to see the Foundational Policy Ideas for AI in Education.

Digital Moment, in partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google DeepMind, announced the launch of Experience AI, an educational program designed to support teachers in the fascinating but rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI), and to spark the curiosity of young people about the subject. This partnership will enable teachers across Canada to offer ethical, quality AI training to their students. Digital Moment was one of the first international partners to join this rapidly growing global program and holds the unique position of sole partner in Canada.

The unveiling took place on Friday, April 26th, at Google’s offices in Montreal. Hugo Larochelle, Associate Professor, Université de Montréal, Google DeepMind, Chaire en AI Canada-CIFAR, and Doina Precup, Associate Professor, McGill University, Google DeepMind, Chaire en AI Canada-CIFAR, seasoned experts in the field, took part in the program launch.

A Partnership Aligned with Provincial and Federal Priorities

In addition to positioning youth at the heart of Quebec society’s actions and priorities, this program is a response to one of the 12 main recommendations (RP) of the “Prêt pour l’IA” report published by the Conseil de l’innovation du Québec last February.

Specifically, RP-4 emphasized the importance of “[…] strengthening the digital literacy and AI literacy of children, pupils and students, particularly in order to increase their ability to use AI effectively, and to exercise critical thinking with regard to it.” The launch of Experience AI thus coincides with the beginning of a new era in digital education in Quebec. Indeed, from the 2024-2025 school year, the mandatory implementation of the new Culture and Citizenship in Québec program in schools will require the assessment of digital competence among young people.

At the Canadian level, Experience AI will help advance the “Canadian advantage in AI” by preparing young Canadians for the future of work through a greater understanding of the societal impacts of AI.

An Interactive Program Rich in Educational Content

Experience AI offers a series of six lessons and additional educational resources in French and English, which are tailored to high school teaching and enable students to explore the basics of AI, understand its practical applications and acquire essential AI and computational thinking skills. The program also offers fun activities and stimulating challenges, designed to engage young people and encourage their curiosity about the field of AI.

“We are delighted to launch Experience AI in partnership with Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google DeepMind,” said Indra Kubicek, President and CEO of Digital Moment. “This innovative program represents a unique opportunity for young Quebecers and Canadians to explore the exciting field of artificial intelligence, while meeting a major societal need: ensuring that they are ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.”

For more information on the Experience AI program or to request training, Digital Moment invites the media, teachers, academic advisors, policy makers and all other stakeholders to contact us at

About Digital Moment: Digital Moment is a Canada-wide non-profit organization dedicated to digital education and the promotion of digital skills among youth of all backgrounds. Founded in 2013, the organization is committed to providing innovative and accessible educational resources to prepare young people for success in an ever-changing digital world. To date, more than 850,000 young people and 31,500 teachers have benefited from these educational activities. Digital Moment is a leader in AI education for Canadian teachers and youth, and is helping to advance AI education nationally and internationally.

About Experience AI: Experience AI is an educational programme that offers cutting-edge resources on artificial intelligence and machine learning for teachers and their students. Developed in collaboration by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google DeepMind, the programme supports teachers in the exciting and fast-moving area of AI, and gets young people passionate about the subject.

About Raspberry Pi Foundation: The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-based computing education charity with the mission to enable young people to realise their full potential through the power of computing and digital technologies. Our vision is that every young person develops the knowledge, skills, and confidence to use digital technologies effectively, and to be able to critically evaluate these technologies and confidently engage with technological change. 

About Google DeepMind: Google DeepMind is a unit within Google that brings together parts of Google Research – including the Brain team – and DeepMind to build AI responsibly to benefit humanity. Google DeepMind’s groundbreaking accomplishments include AI technologies to power Google products and infrastructure, AI tools to advance scientific discovery, and advances in the field of AI research. announced the launch of its free Praxis Core Prep, a comprehensive AI-enabled preparation and diagnostic resource for aspiring teachers, in partnership with ETS’s Praxis Program. This launch represents the next step in an ongoing partnership between and Praxis, the leading provider of teacher licensure assessments, announced earlier this year.

At a time when district and school systems across the country continue to struggle with teacher shortages and a need to broaden diversity within the profession, the free Praxis Core Prep is an innovative tool that provides teacher candidates with an accessible, personalized study resource to strengthen their reading, writing, and math skills to pass the certification exam.

“We know that teachers are at the heart of learning which is why we are excited to join forces with to offer aspiring teachers even more free resources to be successful,” said Paul Gollash, Vice President of K-12 Solutions at ETS. “This AI-powered offering leverages best-in-class research from both and ETS to build a dynamic and personalized prep offering in order to best serve the teachers of tomorrow.”

Drawing on two years of research,, an award-winning learning platform has developed a high-quality offering to address the diverse needs of aspiring educators. Key features of’s free Praxis Core Prep include:

  • Personalized learning plans tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Video-based micro lessons cater to various learning styles, including visual, auditory, and reading-based instruction.
  • AI-powered diagnostic tools that identify areas for improvement and guide test takers through targeted study sessions.
  • Multi-module options for differentiated learning, accommodating diverse learning styles, English Language Learners (ELL), and translation.
  • Interactive quizzes with instant feedback to reinforce learning and save educators’ valuable time.

“Too often, the financial and preparation barriers prevent outstanding teacher candidates from entering our classrooms. We are thrilled that partners like ETS are mission-aligned with our strategic efforts to strengthen and support a more representative K-12 workforce,” said Dana Bryson, Senior Vice President of Social Impact at “Through findings from’s Keys to the Classroom program with non-traditional and diverse teacher candidates, we have identified key strategies that lead to success on licensure exams and integrated them into our Praxis Core Prep to empower and ensure every child has a well-trained, high-quality educator in their classroom.”

With a 92% pass rate, is trusted by thousands of teacher candidates every year and is the official ETS Praxis® test prep partner helping increase the teacher pipeline and support the educators of tomorrow. The partnership began as part of’s Keys to the Classroom Initiative, a coalition committed to deploying what’s working to develop a more diverse and representative educator pipeline and help prepare aspiring educators in the classroom. partners with state education departments, school districts, colleges of education, and education-focused nonprofits to help aspiring educators prepare and pass their credentialing exams. Keys to the Classroom is currently in 20 states, and has donated over $4 million in test prep materials. Across the nation, hundreds of teacher cadets are enrolled in Keys to the Classroom, including 50 percent who identify as people of color.

For more information about’s free Praxis Core Prep resources, visit:

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