The Law School Admission Game: Play Like An Expert

“Applicants to law school will benefit from the insightful advice written by Ms. Levine. Chock full of insights and suggestionsmuch of what she has to say parallels my own experience of having reviewed more than 35,000 application admissions to law school.”
–Charles Roboski, Asst. Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Michigan State University College of Law
More people will apply to law school this fall than ever before. With students often taking out $150,000 in loans for three years of attendance, the decision to attend law school is a competitive, expensive, and time-consuming endeavor, and it will take effort and initiative to gain admission. But once the decision to apply is made, it’s hard to know what the next step is.

Enter: law school admission consultant Ann Levine.

Since opening Law School Expert in 2004, Levine has relied upon her experience as Director of Admissions for two ABA law schools to help tens of thousands of law school applicants through private consulting and by providing expert advice on her widely read Law School Expert Blog. After five years of running Law School Expert, she has written the ultimate handbook for anyone ready to take the next step and apply to law school, The Law School Admission Game: Play Like An Expert.

Whether you’re applying to a top law school or just praying to get in anywhere, The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert explains each piece of the process with candor and answers the questions asked most frequently by law school applicants including:

  • How do I decide which law schools to apply to?
  • Why is the personal statement so important and what should I write about?  
  • How do I explain a low LSAT score?
  • Who should write my letters of recommendation and what should they say  about me?
  • What can I do if I’m waitlisted at my first choice school?

The tips and insights provided within The Law School Admission Game make it a resource that give applicants many of the advantages of a private consultant at a fraction of the cost. Levine offers tangible advice in a conversational tone, with an open and encouraging (but brutally honest) approach. This book will change how you look at the law school admission process and help you create the strongest possible application package. This book offers strategies for all law school applicants, including specific advice for people:

  • Determined to attend a top law school
  • Hoping for the chance to attend any law school
  • Seeking an affordable legal education
  • Returning to school after being in the work force
  • Still in college with limited work and life experience
  • Considering how to build their experiences and resumes to strengthen their  applications
  • Concerned about writing a compelling personal statement because they  haven’t experienced poverty or overcome paralysis

“Law school applicants, at any age, are overwhelmed and intimidated by the process,” Levine explains. “There is such a huge amount of information out there and it’s hard to know whom to trust; this is the key to the success of my book and blog. I provide credible, honest, and specific information.  My concrete tips for success make people feel armed with everything they need to know to craft a strategy for success in the law school admission process.”

Ann K. Levine, Esq., is a law school admission consultant and owner of She brings her experience as director of admissions for two ABA law schools and five years as a law school admission consultant. More than 100,000 law school applicants and pre-law students depend upon Levine’s advice through her blog, as a guide through the daunting law school application process.
The Law School Admission Game can be purchased from, and through any major bookseller.
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