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July 20, 2017
28 can’t-miss edtech innovations from ISTE 2017
ISTE 2017

This year's ISTE Conference was all about technology-charged learning--and from the keynotes and sessions to the fast-paced exhibit hall, the conference's more than 20,000 attendees (15,000 educators plus expo hall staff) were immersed in just that. In all, ISTE 2017 produced 159,000 tweets from people across the U.S. and 72…



Can a simple classroom redesign inspire student achievement?

Imagine a 5th grade classroom in the middle of a lesson. What do you see: charts, letters, and drawings on the wall? A teacher writing notes on a large chalk or white board at the front of the room? Rows of desks and chairs, which face a single direction? Maybe…

Why writing doesn’t just prove learning, it improves all learning-including STEM
writing education

Writing is used to assess student learning more often than it is used to facilitate learning. We talk about writing as a product for assessment, a subject where paragraphs and commas are taught, or a skill that one either has developed or lacks. Rarely do we hear people, even teachers,…

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App of the Week: Customizable games for spelling

Ed. note: App of the Week picks are now being curated by the editors of Common Sense Education, which helps ... Read more

3 ways to use technology for amazing parental engagement

Involving parents in their children's progress in the classroom has long been shown to significantly increase student outcomes. With parent engagement top of mind in many school districts–partly because the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires it–teachers can benefit from these best practices from peers for using education technology to…

Why losing control of your classroom is a good thing

Even when students aren’t sitting through lectures, they’re still accustomed to letting their teachers dictate the pace, style, and direction of learning. But some forward-thinking classrooms have turned that model completely on its head, handing students control over lessons and often shifting teachers to supporting roles.

9 reasons why today’s students are loving innovation-based courses

One of the most important aspects of reaching students in a meaningful way is the ability to keep them engaged and engrossed in their work. As digital natives, today’s students desire participatory, not passive, learning experiences. Innovation-based courses are a fun, challenging and effective way to provide personalized, cross-curricular pathways.


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