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February 02, 2018
eSchool News Today
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My tech essentials: A superintendent’s guide to instructional coaching

Teacher effectiveness is the number one school-related factor that impacts student achievement. The question then becomes: How do I as a superintendent support my teachers and ensure they are getting the regular, constructive feedback they need to be as effective as possible? I believe the answer lies within effective instructional…



Training in media literacy is in order

This article is no longer available. 

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App of the Week: Math Science Music
Video of the Week: Take classroom video to the next level
#1: 6 underground apps students hide from schools

Technology is nearly ubiquitous in classrooms, and it holds extreme importance in the lives of today’s children. But with technology comes responsibility, and many ed-tech stakeholders emphasize the importance of teaching students about digital citizenship, being aware of their digital footprint, and being responsible and safe online. Despite the best…

5 ways to leverage UDL for student inclusivity

In recent years, general education teachers have joined special education teachers in emphasizing the need for inclusivity in the classroom. By creating inclusive classrooms, educators aim to foster learning environments that are equitable and nurturing to every student. Inclusive educators often use Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to provide students…

#2: 5 technologies to avoid in the classroom-and what to use instead

One of the most popular articles on eSchool Media is a surprising one to the editors: “6 apps that block social media distractions.” This story, which seemed a bit counter-intuitive for us to write (being a tech-cheerleading publication in nature), has held the top spot by a massive margin for…

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