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Ambassador Launches Revolutionary Course Materials Platform, Easing the Entire Process for Students, Schools and Publishers

RODA is One Platform for Everyone, Aggregating All Content and Applications and Layering it with the Integrations, Support Services, Analytics, Financial Controls and Compliance to Bring it All Together

Ambassador Education Solutions today launched its next generation Course Materials Platform, RODA, transforming digital content and all course materials for students, schools and publishers. Unlike any other technology on the market, RODA provides seamless access to print and digital materials, publisher and platform integrations, support services, analytics, financial controls, and compliance — all through one flexible and easy-to-use platform.

“Education is being reimagined. At Ambassador we’re not looking back; we’re focused on what’s next,” said Steven M. Blicht, CEO of Ambassador. “More than a year ago, we set out to develop a Course Materials Platform that would combat the fragmented approach to content and be all things for all stakeholders — one platform for everyone. Fast forward to today, RODA is more important than ever to address new learning models, especially in this increasingly digital world.”

Course materials have become more complex for everyone, and this is being amplified as schools evolve their online, on-campus and hybrid programs. Students are being forced to figure out how to access content and navigate multiple platforms, which can be both time intensive and confusing. At the same time, schools don’t have the bandwidth or necessary controls to handle an ever increasing number of publisher and platform integrations, and they don’t want to put the burden on their IT teams to manage various technologies, analyze analytics, and verify usage and costs. Schools also are facing increased pressure to comply with applicable Department of Education regulations, including Inclusive Access and opt-out requirements. Finally, publishers need greater transparency into how and how often their materials are being used so they can protect their content and reconcile fees. Publishers also need peace-of-mind that schools and students have the necessary support when using their content.

“RODA fills the data and service gaps that exist between schools and publishers. Schools don’t have to expend their own IT resources to manage multiple integrations. Publishers don’t have to integrate with and manage each school. Ambassador handles everything through one centralized platform while providing 360-degree visibility into all transactions so schools don’t overpay and publishers are paid what they are owed. It’s never been easier or more direct,” noted Blicht.

RODA is built upon the same technology that students, schools and publishers have come to know and expect from Ambassador, with added controls, functionality and analytics to address changing market dynamics. Plus, RODA is backed by Ambassador’s responsive, reliable Client Services and IT support teams. RODA introduces the right kind of change to benefit each user:

  • For students, RODA simplifies access to affordable course materials, aggregating all content and applications and delivering them through one easy-to-use Course Materials Platform.
  • For schools, RODA streamlines course materials operations and publisher relationships. RODA manages integrations, provides detailed usage and cost transparency, configures access to content based on duration, and handles all publisher-related issues (vetting booklists, holding prices consistent, managing “opt-out” compliance, and more).
  • For publishers, RODA eases the account management, integration and reconciliation processes. RODA allows publishers to lock down content for students who opt-out and provides verifiable data for all transactions so publishers are accurately compensated.

“Content management and maintenance add significant pressure to a school’s IT infrastructure. Some schools rely on their LMS and publishers to carry the burden, but a lot more than access is at stake. Schools need an easy and efficient way to bridge the gap between their systems and the capabilities of an LMS and publisher platforms,” said Hercules Bontzolakes, CTO of Ambassador. “RODA does all of the heavy lifting, integrating with schools’ systems and multiple publisher/vendor systems, and providing the necessary controls and analytics to improve course materials accessibility and transparency through a single platform in a way that no other technology can match.”

Ambassador’s technology and support services simplify the entire print and digital content process. RODA features Ambassador’s EZ Opt-Out functionality for students to decline print and digital materials through Ambassador’s All-In Access (Inclusive Access) model, including LMS embedded Publisher Direct Content. Additionally, for digital content, whether providing non-expiring, semester-based or census-based access, RODA tracks all terms, courses and enrollments and aligns analytics with content information, availability, format, duration, editions, usage and transactions.

Get to know RODA today at or inquire at

About Ambassador Education Solutions
For decades, Ambassador has made course materials simple, effective and affordable. From print and digital to Inclusive Access, OER and more, Ambassador simplifies course materials adoption, management and delivery. Ambassador’s Course Materials Platform, RODA, integrates with leading SIS, LMS, financial systems, eBook readers, publishers and digital content platforms. RODA connects students with affordable course materials, streamlines operations for schools and eases account management and reconciliation for publishers, all through one easy-to-use platform. Schools and publishers trust Ambassador to improve course materials accessibility, lower operational and financial risks, and deliver usage and cost transparency. For more information, please visit

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