MiEN Company Introduces New Furniture Product Offerings to Solve Learning Space Challenges

Educators are rethinking the layout of classrooms and other learning spaces in terms of optimizing use of those spaces for student wellbeing and study. MiEN Company, a global company serving the education industry with innovative furniture products and services that promote and support active and interactive learning environments, has introduced four new product offerings to help institutions take active learning spaces to a new level.

“These offerings are easily moved around, and many can be quickly stacked out of the way when not in use. This means users can configure them into arrangements that allow for social distancing as needed,” said Dr. Christina Counts, Vice President Strategy & Development for MiEN Company. “Of course, that’s not the only challenge that educators have to consider, and I can confidently say that these products can help learning environments adapt to changing pedagogical demands for years to come.”

The Always Ready Cafe & Hospitality (ARCH) Collection
The ARCH Collection of chairs, stools, tables and lateral files is designed for secondary, collegiate or corporate environments. The collection items are designed to be functional, practical to use, easy to move around and to stack. In addition, they are naturally durable so they can withstand high traffic use.

The Do it Yourself (DIY) Chair
The DIY backless chair is designed for active learning environments that encourage students to strengthen their core in a ready-to-learn position. Its backless design allows the chair to be easily stored away under tables when students prefer to stand. These chairs are light, easy to move, and optimize space because they are easy to stack. The DIY café and counter stools are well suited for students who love to learn sitting up high. The versatility of the DIY collection makes this seating an option for all learning environments, from classrooms to libraries to science and STEAM rooms.

The Multi Solutions Chair (MSC) Chair
The MSC is ergonomically designed to maximize comfort with a gentle flex that responds to the individual. The greater level of comfort results in less fidgeting, so students are better able to concentrate and engage with learning. The lightweight multi-functional chair is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of environments, including auditoriums, cafeterias, secondary or collegiate learning spaces and administrative spaces such as offices, training spaces, conference areas or even corporate dining areas.

STAR Counter and Café Stools
The exclusive design of these backed stools with winged elbow rests promotes comfort and supports an innovative design in any learning environment or administrative space. The STAR stools at counter and café height fit in learning environments ranging from informal meetup locales to conference rooms.

About MiEN Company
MiEN is a global company serving the education industry with innovative furniture products and services that promote and support active and interactive learning environments in engaging and functional ways. An American company with a strong European influence, its products and services represent the ideas and collaborative efforts of an expert team of suppliers, designers, and engineers. Built strong and durable using eco-friendly, sustainable materials, its products rank high in the industry in meeting the demands of creating dynamic and collaborative learning environments. For more information go to: https://miencompany.com/

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