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Lockstep Technology Group Partners with Impero Software to Support Students’ Tech

Impero helps Lockstep Technology Group provide solutions to schools that address both student safety and classroom management

Managed solutions provider Lockstep Technology Group and student safety leader Impero have partnered to offer Impero’s solutions to Lockstep’s partner schools, including tools to support student safety, classroom management, network administration, and web filtering, and to better support students’ technology use.

The partnership expands Impero’s footprint in the south-eastern United States and helps Lockstep provide its school customers with innovative solutions to support hybrid learning. Lockstep was particularly drawn to Impero because of its focus on supporting student wellbeing and mental health – something that has become a priority in Lockstep’s work with K-12 schools. Lockstep was also attracted to Impero’s tools that help districts protect their networks from vulnerabilities such as ransomware attacks.

The partnership comes at a time when many school districts across the country continue to offer distance or hybrid learning during the coronavirus pandemic and need technology partners that can support them in all aspects of this work. Lockstep helps schools plan, develop and implement technology programs, including helping them shift to distance learning and expand 1:1 initiatives. Impero supports hybrid and remote learning by helping teachers and administrators manage student devices and track student safety concerns in a central record. Its web filter blocks inappropriate or malicious online content and IT teams can use Impero to manage and patch Chromebooks remotely – which is an especially attractive feature for many schools.

Together Lockstep and Impero provide schools with comprehensive support for their technology initiatives during the pandemic, and beyond.

“We’re in the business of supporting student success through our focus on technology, cybersecurity, analytics and wellness,” said Lockstep President and CEO Mahendran Jawaharlal. “Our partnership with Impero, an organization that shares our core values, will ensure we enhance our offerings to our education partners, by adding critical student safety elements aimed at ensuring students success, during a challenging time for the industry.”

“The pandemic has increased schools’ reliance on technology and in many cases has prompted them to use it in new ways,” added CEO Justin Reilly. “Schools are seeking technology that helps them effectively teach in a digital environment, while also keeping their students and their networks safe, and we are glad to partner with Lockstep to help meet this need for the school’s Lockstep serves.”

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