Nominate Your Tech-Savvy Superintendent

Editor’s note: To read about past award winners, visit the Tech-Savvy Superintendents Page.

Does your superintendent “get it” when it comes to technology? Does he or she demonstrate exemplary vision for the use of technology to improve all facets of education—and show outstanding leadership in working to make this vision a reality?

Then nominate your superintendent for our 15th annual Tech-Savvy Superintendent Awards. Nominations will be accepted online through Friday, Nov. 7th, 2014.

Nominees, who must be general superintendents of a K-12 school system, will be judged according to the criteria below. (In your nomination, please describe how the nominee embodies these “Hallmarks of Excellence,” providing specific examples wherever possible.)

Eight national finalists will be chosen by the editors of eSchool News in consultation with the previous year’s winners.

The Editors

Ten “Hallmarks of Excellence” for the eSchool News Tech-Savvy Superintendent Awards:

1. Must be a general superintendent.

2. Models the effective use of technology in the day-to-day execution of the superintendency.

3. Ensures that technology resources are equitably distributed among students and staff.

4. Insists that adequate professional development is a component of every technology initiative.

5. Demonstrates exceptional vision in leading the development and implementation of a districtwide technology plan.

6. Exhibits a thorough understanding of the role of technology in education and can articulate that understanding to all school district stakeholders.

7. Provides exceptional leadership in supporting the integration of technology into the curriculum.

8. Demonstrates exceptional vision in employing technology to streamline school district business operations.

9. Demonstrates curiosity and open-mindedness in considering emerging technologies and weighing non-traditional solutions to traditional problems.

10. Thinks creatively and strategically about the long-term challenges and opportunities of technology in the school district and in education at large.