7 cool tools to ease your students’ writing

Your students are difficult to imagine without mobile devices and the internet today, so help them use all these tools productively and usefully

student-writing-toolsStudents write a lot.

Being an educator, you will definitely agree with that: all writing assignments, essays, research, reviews, releases given by you.. Yes, your students are real eager beavers!

And you can help them ease the process of writing and make it more pleasant!

Thanks to modern technologies, today students should not worry about their assignments at all. Do you want to ease your students’ writing and help them deal with all assignments the best they can?

Tell them about these awesome writing tools, and they will definitely thank you for that.

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1. Focus Writer

It is usually difficult for a student to concentrate on writing their academic paper because there are so many things to do online, including social media, online music, movies, chatting with friends… A perfect reason of procrastination! This tool will make a student write in a clean space with no distractions around, helping them concentrate and make writing quicker.

2Writing House

One of the main problems of academic writing is… a reference style. Usually it is not easy for students to implement a right style to their writing. Thanks to this tool, they will save time and automatically implement MLA, APA, or Chicago.

3. Word Processor

This tool will make the process of writing more interesting, because it is aimed to motivate a student on writing quicker and threaten them if they slack. It’s quite funny as well, so your students will definitely want to try it.

4. Grammar Checker

A must-have tool for every student indeed! Academic papers proofreading is a very important process, and you should explain its necessity to your students. With the help of this grammar checker it will be easier for them to check writing for mistakes.

5. Word Counter

How often do you give your students an assignment to write a text with definite number of words? And how often do they use such-called useless words just to get a number needed. With the help of this tool a student (as well as a teacher actually) will rank the most frequently used words in a text: just enter it, choose the options needed – and you will be able to count the word frequency in your text.

6. WriteRoom

Every student is afraid of loosing their text while writing. Advise them this cool tool which includes save backup and synchronization options. WriteRoom will also help a student concentrate on writing, keeping all distractions away and letting them focused on work.

7. Outliner

This tool for iPhone and other Apple devices will help students outline all their ideas before they start writing. They will make notes, drag and drop different items, move and structure them, and come up with new ideas for writing.

Your students are difficult to imagine without mobile devices and the internet today, so help them use all these tools productively and usefully.

Lesley is an educator of French language and a passionate blogger who writes for Bid4Papers. She lives in Chicago and is writing her first e-book at the moment. Find Lesley on Google+.

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