Don’t take chances with information


Twitter, which started as a way for friends and family to share quick 140-character messages, has gone mainstream.  So much so, I’ve even heard suggestions that school districts consider using it as a means to notify parents and students of emergency situations on campus.

It’s an interesting idea.  After all, Twitter is free and can reach hundreds, even thousands of followers in seconds. It can reach people by their smart phones, laptops, or desktop computers.…Read More

Stop the bullying

kidsbullyingData indicating that more children are being bullied in and out of school, along with news that a 15-year-old girl committed suicide after being bullied by classmates, have prompted new laws and school rules. Here are some important steps that school leaders and security officials can take to stop the bullying in schools…

Administrators take top role in security

PoliceOfficerClassroomEveryone involved with our schools has a role in keeping our campuses safe and secure. That includes teachers, staff, parents, students, and law enforcement.

But it is the administrators, with the day-to-day responsibilities, that can make the largest positive impact.  They need to take the lead in providing an environment where teachers can teach and children can learn without fear.

Here are six tips I have for administrators to help make their schools more secure:…Read More