Assessing at Home i-Ready Diagnostic Kit Helps Educators Administer Diagnostics

After the extended period of distance learning this past spring, it is more important than ever that educators know students’ strengths and areas for growth as they enter the new school year. Beginning the year with an assessment like the i-Ready Diagnostic is critical to this effort. While assessing at home is challenging regardless of the test or provider, many schools successfully tested remotely this past spring. To support school reopening plans that may require educators to administer the i-Ready Diagnostic remotely, Curriculum Associates has created the Assessing at Home i-Ready Diagnostic Kit. The online kit includes a collection of turnkey tools for district leaders, school leaders, teachers, and families.

“As schools resume either in person or virtually, it’s critical that teachers know what each child knows and what they need to learn after months of lost learning,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “To support students beginning the year at home, teachers need tools and guidance to help families proctor the i-Ready Diagnostic so they can get the most accurate data to support their students.”

Drawing from lessons learned and tips from schools that successfully administered the i-Ready Diagnostic at home in the spring, the kit gives teachers resources to get their classes ready to assess at home. Teachers can access a checklist and calendar tool for planning key assessing at home activities. Additional resources include tips on proctoring assessments remotely, tools for communicating with families, and resources to motivate and celebrate students. District and school leaders have access to similar resources, specific to their own roles.…Read More

New McGraw Hill Assessment Solution Helps Teachers Support Students Who Have Fallen Behind Following COVID-19 Disruptions

As teachers prepare for classes to resume this fall, McGraw Hill today announced the launch of McGraw Hill Rise, a new reading and math supplement with embedded assessment and personalization to help educators identify and address individual learning gaps for each student. The new solution is intended to help ease the transition back to the new school year, regardless of teaching format, and ensure that every student is prepared to succeed this year and beyond.


“The extent to which COVID-19 has impacted student achievement, though uncertain, is likely significant. Teachers now, more than ever, need a consistent, convenient and customizable toolset to help document time on task and individual student progress through key learning objectives – all to help close those gaps,” said Sean Ryan, President of McGraw Hill’s School Group. “The use of data to make informed and personalized decisions is critical in determining where students are during and after a period of school disruption. Rise adapts and targets to each student’s needs helping educators create a comprehensive, individualized plan.”…Read More

Companies Partner to Provide Oral Reading Fluency Tool

Partnership offers automated assessment of students’ oral reading fluency for testing at school or at home 

Savvas Learning Company, a next-generation learning solutions provider for K-12 education, announced it is partnering with Analytic Measures Inc. (AMI), an educational technology company, to provide a fully automated assessment tool that uses artificial intelligence and voice technology to measure K-5 students’ reading abilities. The new tool will empower teachers with time-saving features that quickly, easily, and accurately assess a learner’s oral reading fluency skills while also helping educators address the combined COVID-19 slide along with summer learning loss.

For the start of the new school year, Savvas is pairing myView Literacy©, its leading core K-5 literacy program, and Reading Spot, a digital library, with AMI’s Moby.Read™. Moby.Read uses advanced speech recognition and scoring technologies to automate the oral reading assessment experience and increase testing accuracy, in and out of the classroom. All reading audio is captured and recorded for teacher playback, a feature essential for blended (remote and in-person online) learning. Moby.Read is easily accessible on any digital device or computer that supports Google Chrome as well as by single sign-on through Savvas Realize™, the edtech industry’s most versatile learning management system.…Read More

Assessment in 2020: How data will mitigate COVID-related learning losses

In normal times, a discussion about the future of assessment might look five years ahead to talk about the prospects of more authentic computer-aided assessments or potential developments in continuous assessment. However, in 2020, we have more immediate needs right in front us, and the assessment tools we may have had for years will be even more relevant.

We will start this next year with many questions. How will the lack of summative assessments from this past spring impact the coming school year? How quickly can teachers determine what students may have missed in the chaotic close of the 2019–2020 school year? How can teachers parse the interim and formative assessment data of incoming students and focus on the areas that will provide the greatest return?

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10 K-12 cybersecurity must-dos

Cybersecurity has always been a high priority for K-12 administrators and staff, but with the rapid push to remote learning brought on by COVID-19, school leadership has had to consider how to educate through the lens of cybersecurity.

While school years are closing up for the 2019 – 2020 year, it’s still unknown what our learning environments will look like for the 2020 – 2021 school year. Let’s look at 10 things that K-12 schools must focus on – whether the next school year takes place in person on via remote learning.

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K-12 Library & Media Technology Guide

eSchool News Library & Media Technology Guide

Everything You Need to Know. Everyone You Need to Reach.

• Why school librarians are tech integration pioneers
• Librarians are more important than ever—here’s why
• Leveraging a Future Ready Library opportunity
• Helping students build information literacy skills
• Librarians are facilitating learning despite school closures
• Renovating libraries to meet students’ next-generation needs
• 10 reasons admins should collaborate with their librarians
• How librarians can build critical relationships with fellow educators…Read More

Free Online Career Development

With the school closures caused by the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, school counselors, teachers, parents, and students are looking for online resources. But they’re also looking for ways to stay inspired – and to feel a sense of optimism – about the future. For a limited time, Kuder is offering access to its career development systems for students in grades pre-K to 12, as well as a 10-hour professional development course for career advisors, free of charge.

Kuder, Inc., a worldwide leader in evidenced-based career assessment and advisement tools and resources for all ages, announced that it is now offering two of its award-winning products for school counselors, teachers, families, and students, as well as a professional development course free of charge during the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic.

Free access to online early career awareness and career readiness systems for grades pre-K to 12:…Read More

Free math curriculum resources

Open Up Resources (OUR), a nonprofit whose mission is to increase equity in education, and Kiddom, whose platform helps educators bring open curriculum to life by connecting curriculum to instruction and assessment, are now partnering to offer free access to top-rated Open Up Resources 6-8 math curriculum within Kiddom’s digital platform to support distance learning initiatives.

Now through August 1, 2020, schools and districts will be able to freely access OUR’s 6-8 Math curriculum within Kiddom. This allows teachers to utilize OUR’s high-quality core digital curriculum on a platform that allows them to share assignments digitally, communicate with students, and deliver personalized feedback on submissions.

Additional resources include The No-Nonsense Distance Learning Resource Guide, weekly webinars to support teachers and districts, ongoing articles and professional learning materials to aid with distance learning, and peer-to-peer communications with OUR’s 6-8 Math community.…Read More

K-12 Curriculum, SEL & Instructional Tools Guide

eSchool News Curriculum, SEL & Instructional Tools Guide

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• Emerging classroom trends
• How to let students drive their learning
• Balancing assessment and digital learning
• Using SEL to combat stress in students
• The right way to choose digital resources
• Discover how movement helps reinforce learning
• Identifying the best curriculum resources for you
• Helping students build life-long SEL skills…Read More