The rise of blended learning coaches

The blended learning movement has led to a unique role for some educators—that of a coach

blended-coachWhile not necessarily commonplace , blended learning–any instance in which a student learns in both a brick-and-mortar school and through an online delivery platform–is growing in popularity in districts across the nation, due in part to its cost savings potential and its ability to let students personalize their learning.

In the face of increased blended learning opportunities, a new role has emerged for some educators: that of the blended learning “coach,” or “success coach,” whose job is to provide support and guidance to students, acting as a mentor, a counselor, and more.

“One of the secret sauces that really makes [blended learning] work is a success coach,” said Mickey Revenaugh, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Connections Learning, during a webinar to highlight success coaches’ practices.…Read More