Schools’ ed-tech budgets shrink as demand grows

More administrators are open to “bring your own device” policies, a new report says.

While educators and parents continue to report a growing need for technology use in education and learning, schools are struggling to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s expectations, according to “From Chalkboards to Tablets: The Digital Conversion of the K-12 Classroom,” the latest report from the Speak Up 2012 survey, released on April 19.

Given the budget realities – with 74 percent of respondents reporting that they have smaller technology budgets than they had five years ago – administrators are re-thinking their opposition to the “bring your own device” approach and districts who are piloting such a program increased by 47 percent in just one year.

When asked in 2010 if they would allow their students to use their own devices at school for academic purposes, only 22 percent of principals said that was likely, and 63 percent said it was unlikely for their school. Today, more than one-third of principals (36 percent) say that a new bring your own device policy for students is likely. The opposing view has now dropped to 41 percent.…Read More