7 principles for AI in education

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A new framework intends to guide the edtech industry’s implementation of AI in education in a purpose-driven, transparent, and equitable manner that enables critical tools for personalized and enhanced learning experiences and improved assistive technologies.

Released at an October event on Capitol Hill, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the leading trade association for the business of information, released Principles for the Future of AI in Education, which will help the edtech industry as it works alongside educators during AI-infused learning.…Read More

RobotLAB Inks Landmark Robotics Partnership with American Samoa Department of Education

DALLAS, TX – RobotLAB, an award-winning robotics integrator that delivers impactful technological innovations and solutions for educators and business owners across the globe, has inked a momentous partnership with the American Samoa Department of Education. RobotLAB will provide more than 150 technology carts to the nation’s public schools, each including humanoid robots, virtual reality headsets, laptops, tablets and lesson plans that will expose students to age-appropriate technology and encourage a mastery of computer science, artificial intelligence, automation, STEM and robotics.

“We’re honored to bring enhanced STEM education and robotics to American Samoa, as we’ve seen the positive impact these technologies have had on students over the last 15-plus years,” said RobotLAB Founder and CEO, Elad Inbar. “After working with the American Samoa Department of Education to identify the best programs and packages for their needs, we’re excited to introduce students in American Samoa to best-in-class education technologies that will challenge and encourage them to master the interconnected world of robotics and automation through hands-on learning.”

Each STEM cart has been tailored by RobotLAB’s skilled roboticists and education specialists for the various grade levels, ensuring teachers have the appropriate products and lesson plans for their students. The carts can accommodate classrooms of up to 24 students, each including three age-specific product bundles comprised of humanoid robots, virtual reality headsets and more. Mindful of inclusivity and accessibility, RobotLAB is also providing robots, VR equipment, projected reality stations and lesson plans designed for students with a variety of learning needs.…Read More

Is “re-inventing education” more than a cliché?

It’s always a pleasure to talk with Anthony Salcito, formerly Vice President of Worldwide Education at Microsoft and currently Chief Institution Business Officer at Nerdy. In his current role, Anthony leads Varsity Tutors for Schools and is responsible for Nerdy’s efforts to support institutions as they work to transform learning opportunities for students and educators across a range of offerings. Recently, the platform was selected by the New Jersey Department of Education as an approved pre-qualified tutoring provider for the state’s 2023/2024 High-Impact Tutoring Program. This initiative, tailored to assist students disproportionately affected by the pandemic, focuses specifically on third and fourth graders. The Ohio Department of Education also picked Varsity Tutors this fall to provide tutoring services for Future Forward Ohio. The collaboration aims to accelerate learning in literacy and numeracy while boosting workforce readiness and student wellness.

Our most recent conversation touches upon the impact of the pandemic on education, the role of teachers, and the evolution of tutoring in the education landscape. We talk about the evolution of the perception of tutoring, the challenges schools face in integrating consistent tutoring practices, and the potential of AI in education. Have a listen:

Key Takeaways:…Read More

Frontline Education Releases Year-to-Date Administration Software Innovation Summary

Malvern, Pa. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Frontline Education, a leading provider of administration software purpose-built for educators in K-12, today released a comprehensive year-to-date innovation summary that underscores the company’s commitment to anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of school districts across the country. Investments made across its broad portfolio of connected solutions for human capital management, student and special programs, business operations and analytics support educators in streamlining administrative processes and optimizing district operations so school leaders can prioritize their time on delivering high-quality education.

“The technology needs of K-12 school leaders are at the core of our software and services strategy, which inspires us to always embrace an innovation-first mindset,” said Kevin Haugh, Chief Product Officer of Frontline. “As school leaders endure the busy back-to-school season, our aim through these new or enhanced capabilities is to assist districts in fulfilling their goal of achieving operational excellence. This summary highlights Frontline’s leadership in and dedication to providing cutting-edge tools and resources that empower educational institutions to succeed in an ever-changing landscape.”

Year-to-Date Product Highlights
Human Capital Management
Frontline’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solution plays a pivotal role in assisting school districts in the process of attracting, engaging, nurturing, and retaining personnel, all while enhancing the overall employee experience. The significance of HCM has grown into a strategic imperative for school districts, especially in the face of ongoing challenges related to shortages of both teaching and non-instructional staff. Several of Frontline’s HCM products were enhanced during the first half of the year. …Read More

Coming out of the AI closet: A scholar’s embrace of ChatGPT-4

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For the past 12 years, I’ve navigated the rigorous waters of academia – from my MBA journey to obtaining a Ph.D. in business, and now diving into a Doctorate in education. It has been an odyssey of intellectual growth and endurance. However, an unexpected ally emerged in the last six months: ChatGPT-4. In this brief period, this AI tool has intensified my research prowess, sharpened my analytical acumen, and enhanced my productivity.

Today, with conviction and defiance against naysayers, I am stepping out from the shadows, declaring loud and proud: I harness the power of AI in my academic work, and no, it is not cheating. The era of AI-enhanced academia is dawning, and I stand at its vanguard, ready to redefine what is possible.…Read More

FCC proposes $200M for K-12 cybersecurity

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Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel is asking her fellow Commissioners to support a proposal that would take further steps to enhance cybersecurity protections to protect school networks.

In a speech before the School Superintendents Association and the Association of School Business officers, Rosenworcel said she would be sharing with her colleagues a plan to create a pilot program to invest in cybersecurity services for eligible K-12 schools and libraries.…Read More

SchoolStatus Achieves Significant Business Momentum in 1H 2023, Fueled by Growing Demand for its K-12 Data and Communications Solutions

RIDGELAND, Miss.–  SchoolStatus, a leader in K-12 data and communications, achieved new business milestones that demonstrate strong company momentum in the first half of 2023 and growing excitement about its solutions from educators and administrators across the country. To support the increasing demand for its solutions, the company has expanded its sales team by 42% this year and appointed Sarah Kiley as Senior Vice President of Sales to lead the team. SchoolStatus also added Michael Wolset as Vice President of People.

In the past six months, SchoolStatus grew its base of district partners, expanding to new states and districts. In June 2023, G2, the world’s largest independent software and services review platform, selected SchoolStatus for 24 awards including Best Support, Most Likely to Recommend, and Easiest to Use.

Rebecca Moye, Data Coordinator for Rome City Schools, in Rome, Georgia, shared that, “SchoolStatus is a pillar of our strategic plan at Rome City Schools to engage with stakeholders…Last year we had 98% engagement in the last 90 days.”…Read More

Houston Business Journal Honors Intervene K-12 CEO as One of “Most Admired” CEOs in Houston

HOUSTON — Intervene K-12, a Houston-based online tutoring platform, is proud to announce that CEO and founder Aaron McCloud was recently named one of Houston’s “Most Admired” CEOs by the Houston Business Journal (HBJ). An independent panel from multiple industries selected the 49 honorees for the Houston Business Journal recognition based on their strategic leadership, career achievements, contributions to the greater Houston community and more. 

“The City of Houston has been an ideal home base for Intervene K-12 and I am honored to be recognized by the Houston Business Journal for the work we do to support more than 30,000 young scholars in our community and throughout the country,” said Aaron McCloud, founder and CEO of Intervene K-12. “While it feels great to be recognized as a leader, it is important to note that the work my team and I do is not self-serving. Everything we do is focused on serving scholars, as we work to equip them with the tools they need to flourish in the classroom, the community and the workforce.”

Intervene K-12 pairs data-driven instruction with high-dose online, small-group tutoring to help K-12 schools improve student outcomes through a fully integrated intervention program that drives measurable student growth. This outcome is achieved through deep analysis of student skill deficits, differentiated lessons and live online, small-group instruction, either during the school day or after school. Intervene K-12 provides tutoring in a variety of subjects, including math, reading, and English language support.…Read More

Wayside Publishing to Enhance New and Future Products After Acquisition

FREEPORT, Maine – Wayside Publishing®, the fastest-growing, U.S.-based K–12 world languages publisher, announces the acquisition of Lit®, a leading creator of comprehensible input animated video stories. 

Wayside Publishing has been in business since 1988 and creates proficiency-based print and digital world language programs and Comprehension-based Readers™. With a focus on innovation, Wayside continues to expand their range of creative and time-saving technologies for educators—ones that also provide students with engaging and supportive learning-enhancement tools. 

“We will immediately begin using the Lit library of videos to enhance new and future products, and the in-house video production will allow us to create content faster and at a lower cost,” said Wayside President Greg Greuel. “The combination of Lit content with our products will enhance our offerings and add to what our customers have been asking from us.” …Read More