TabPilot launches app for classroom management

TabPilot released Teacher Tools for iOS, an app that allows teachers to control student iPads in their classrooms with tools that have previously only been available through the cloud-based teacher console, normally accessed on the teacher’s computer.

Teacher Tools is a set of features of TabPilot MDM for Schools. Teachers choose a class to manage and then have the ability to freeze student screens, lock students into a single app, clear student passcodes with a few clicks, or lock students into a single web site or group of pre-selected sites. Teachers can also choose a student iPad to be broadcast to the classroom projector via Apple Airplay.

“With the launch of Teacher tools for iOS, we’re showing once again how a school-specific MDM is the best choice for both teachers and school IT administrators,” said Jarrett Volzer, founder and CEO of TabPilot. “With our new Teacher Tools app for iOS, the teachers can now take control in their classroom directly from their own iPad.”…Read More

Ed-tech innovations curb cell phone cheating—and more

Here are six new ed-tech innovations you should know about

Here are six new ed-tech innovations you should know about.

Each week, I’ll highlight new ed-tech innovations that readers should be aware of. This week’s column includes a next-generation wireless infrastructure, more powerful voice recognition software, a blended learning curriculum to prepare students for college, and a device that could help prevent cell phone cheating on exams.

Control app use over your Wi-Fi network

On March 12, Aruba Networks unveiled a new Wi-Fi architecture that gives school leaders tremendous visibility and control of the apps their students are using on a wireless network.…Read More

Six helpful classroom management apps for teachers

Classroom management can be challenging, but teachers can benefit from different tools

classroom-managementMobile apps aren’t just for students. Teachers and administrators benefit from management apps designed to boost productivity, provide quicker access to actionable data, and more.

Here are 6 apps that you can give your teachers to help them improve their classroom management abilities and strategies.

This is just a sampling of available classroom management apps. Do you use an app that isn’t on the list? Make sure to mention it in the comments section below.…Read More