Last NSBA technology conference focuses on future of ed tech

The opening T+L keynote speaker said today's students should not have to 'power down' in school.
The opening T+L keynote speaker said today's students should not have to 'power down' in school.

Opening Oct. 19 with a flourish of red, white, and blue sails on the main stage, this year’s Technology and Learning (T+L) conference from the National School Boards Association will focus on “Innovation Delivery,” said NSBA President Earl Rickman. He also announced that this year’s technology conference would be the group’s last.

Reflecting the spirit found in schools across the nation of trying to do more with less, T+L no longer will exist as an annual stand-alone technology conference, Rickman said.

“We’re going to enhance our ed-tech programming,” he said. “We’ll still be around, providing you with the best resources and opportunities, but this is the last year of our [T+L] conference.”…Read More

Facebook ‘Groups’ could boost privacy, collaboration

Facebook launched an updated "Groups" application that allows for more collaboration.
Facebook "Groups" allows for easy communication and collaboration on projects, but is it an appropriate collaboration tool for students?

A new Facebook feature unveiled Oct. 6 gives users more control over which information is shared with certain groups of people, and it also offers an easy platform for online communication and collaboration on group projects—leading some K-12 educators and ed-tech officials to wonder if the social networking site might be a viable collaboration tool for students.

The Facebook “Groups” application lets users determine specific content to share with members of a defined group, as well as chat or work together on documents within a group. The feature could be a useful communication and collaboration tool for students outside the classroom—but concerns about online safety might keep many teachers and ed-tech officials from embracing the tool for such use.…Read More