Conference to explore best practices in flipped learning

The conference expects to sell out, so be sure to register ASAP!

This summer, educators will have the chance to delve into some of the finer points of one of the largest and most popular trends to hit classrooms in decades: flipped learning.

The 2012 Flipped Class Conference will be held June 19-20, with a pre-conference workshop on June 18, at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in Chicago. The conference aims to demonstrate and discuss the flipped learning model, in which educators become guides to understanding the content rather than dispensers of facts, and students become active learners rather than receptacles of information.

In many instances of the flipped learning approach, students watch a lecture video as homework, then complete labs or projects or discuss the material in greater depth during class.…Read More

A first-hand look inside a flipped classroom

Teachers say that even though the pilot is over, they won’t go back to the old way of teaching.

There have been many school reform trends over the past few years: student response systems, video games for math, mobile phones for learning—but none have completely transformed the notion of learning like the flipped classroom.

Flipped learning, in essence, turns the idea of traditional classroom instruction on its head by asking students to watch videos of teacher lectures for homework, then apply the lesson with the teacher in the classroom.

Using this method, proponents say, teachers have the opportunity to help students learn as individuals, and students can learn concepts more quickly.…Read More