Florida’s blow to Common Core

On Monday, Florida Governor Rick Scott on Monday ordered the state education department to pull out of the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) consortium that’s busy building one of the two national tests for the Common Core State Standards, AEI Ideas reports. While it’s not yet clear exactly just how fully Florida is retreating from PARCC, the decision is one more in a series of recent blows to the Common Core enterprise. The Florida decision is especially significant for three reasons. First, Florida has long been one of the states leading the charge. It has acted as a “fiscal agent” for one of the two major testing consortia, and its state superintendents have played an active role as champions of the Common Core effort. This isn’t some state in the chorus pulling back; it’s the drum major having second thoughts…

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The most ridiculous ed idea of the week (so far)

The Washington Post reports that the most ridiculous ed idea of the week so far comes to us from Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott organized a three-day education summit for ed leaders, legislators, teachers and parents. He sent interim Education Commissioner Pam Stewart to lead it, opting not to attend himself. The second day of the summit was Tuesday, when the subject at hand was the Common Core State Standards. Florida was an enthusiastic adopter of the standards but that support began to wane this year amid concerns about the initiative that include cost of implementation and standardized test security. In July, the state’s top Republican lawmakers sent a letter asking the state’s education commissioner — who then was Tony Bennett — to pull out of a group designing high-stakes standardized tests aligned with the standards and not to accept those assessments as a replacement for the state’s current exams…

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