HD camcorders help St. John’s University expand its athletics coverage

Investing in Canon’s XF305 and XF 105 camcorders “was probably one of the best decisions we could have made,” McCluskey says.

High-definition portable camcorders from Canon that deliver professional-quality images—yet are so simple to operate that even students can use them—are helping St. John’s University capture and deliver sporting events to fans and alumni across the country, even in sports that aren’t typically broadcast or webcast. The result is that St. John’s can reach stakeholders in a way that forges a much stronger connection with current, former, and prospective students and their families.

St. John’s University and its St. John’s Television Network (STJ-TV) use a stable of lightweight, yet powerful Canon XF305 and XF105 professional HD camcorders to deliver regional and national coverage of dozens of sporting events each year and for training students on video production.

St. John’s needed its video production equipment to be affordable, rugged enough to handle 100-plus different sports competitions a year, and of a high enough quality to deliver spectacular images. The Canon XF305 and XF105 meet these requirements easily.…Read More