‘Download.com’ serves up Mac software


At Download.com, a service of CNet, you’ll find the best in freeware and shareware for downloading to your Mac. You can search by category, and there are several good offerings under Education. Programs are grouped by Most Popular, Newest Titles, and Top Picks, and they’re accompanied by short reviews. Top picks in education include “Learn to Type,” “Verbs and Nouns,” which teaches pronunciation of foreign words, and “Crossword Express,” which creates multilanguage crosswords for classroom use.

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Macintosh tips and tutorials for beginners

This site is dedicated to helping less experienced users make the most of their Macintosh computers. It gives reviews of educational software, plus links to other Mac sites and tips on using applications. Many of the tips and tutorials suggest ways you can apply a feature to enhance your classroom use of Macs. Lessons are written in simple language and include illustrations when appropriate.

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LION: Create roaring good school and library web sites

A service of the Librarians Information Online Network, this site provides great links to resources for K-12 school and library leaders who want to learn how to create web pages. There are several tutorials in basic HTML, plus links to information on copyright issues, directories of school and library sites, a four-part minicourse on developing a school library home page, and many well-written articles on web design.

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Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia 1998

The first multimedia reference tool to link articles to topic-related sites on the internet, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia is now available in a 1998 edition. Grolier Interactive, Inc. has released two versions of its 1998 encyclopedia‹a two-CD Deluxe Edition and a single-disc edition.

Leading the list of new features in the Deluxe Edition is “Online Knowledge Explorer,” which allows students to access two additional Grolier encyclopedias, The New Book of Knowledge for general information or Encyclopedia Americana for in-depth coverage. Online Knowledge Explorer also offers more than 21,000 links to carefully-selected world wide web sites, with an average of 500 revisions promised each month to keep the encyclopedia current.

The Deluxe Edition also includes more than 10,000 pictures, 35,000 articles, 15 new Guided Tours, higher quality graphics and sound, a 250K dictionary, and a free 45-day trial of CyberPatrol filtering software. Many of the developments of the 1998 Deluxe Edition have also been incorporated into the single-disc edition. …Read More

Get your school kicks on ‘Web66’

Web66 features a comprehensive list of U.S. and international school web sites. Just click on a region of the map, and you’ll receive a list of links to each school and district’s home page. Web66 offers other resources, too, such as “Internet Server Cookbook,” which gives step-by-step instructions for setting up an internet server, and “Network Construction Set,” which provides information to help you understand network principles.

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What is an eSchool?

As I’ve been crisscrossing the country in recent weeks, many friends and colleagues have asked me to fill them in on the idea of an “eSchool.” So I thought you might like to hear a little about it, too.

In a nutshell, an eSchool will be the ultimate outcome of all the dreaming, dedication, and dollars America is investing right now to create the ideal learning environment for the next millennium.

As you know as well as I do, America now operates in a global economy, in an ever more competitive world market. As a result, the nation needs a work force far better educated than any that has come before. We need well-educated, creative, flexible citizens who can understand and successfully negotiate rapid change. Today’s students must “learn to learn” if they are to cope with the world we see evolving now.…Read More

New digital ‘ADSL’ lines will streamline internet access

ADSL, a lightning-fast internet access technology that could make clicking through web pages as easy as flipping through a book, might be widely available to your schools by this fall.

ADSL (short for “asymmetric digital subscriber line”) has been hailed as one of the most exciting developments in connectivity in years, offering zippy speeds over standard telephone lines at reasonable costs.

Larry Plumb, director of media relations for Bell Atlantic’s internet services, said ADSL could be a significant option for school districts. “By increasing bandwidth, you can incorporate more video, graphics, and movement into the medium,” he said. “These applications play a role in helping students become excited about learning and technology.” …Read More

‘Idea Box’ is chock full of projects for young kids


This site contains ideas, articles, projects, seasonal themes, and printable pages for educators of young children, such as pre-K and kindergarten teachers, parents, home schoolers, and care givers. It includes sites and ideas of the week, plus a message board, news and updates, games, crafts, recipes, and songs.

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Computer exec takes this rat race down to the wire

Sure, you’ve used a mouse to do your computing. But have you tried getting wired to the internet with a rat?

Meet Judy’s Rat, a 7-inch albino rodent on a quest to wire California schools for the computer age.

“She runs. She jumps. You name it,” said Dr. Judy Reavis, a biophysician and computer executive who trained Judy’s Rat to navigate the narrow crawl spaces behind walls dragging a telephone cable by her tail. …Read More