Favorite thinkers review 2013

The holiday season is the best time of year to reflect, notes TNTP. To that end, we asked a few of the most interesting people in education to do just that: Tell us what they consider the most significant development in education this year, and predict the likely impact of that development in the year ahead. We chose to highlight voices that have been particularly influential to us this year. From Common Core to teacher training, innovations among charter schools and the dreary new round of results on international PISA exams, our contributors raise important questions about progress and challenges in 2013—and offer wisdom and an ambitious agenda for 2014. We thank each of them for their thoughts, and all of you for reading…

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Who’s No. 1 in school sales and why it matters

If you know who rules school computer sales, you have a pretty good idea of what formats are likely to be favored by school software writers and you enjoy a sort of indirect, peer review among the brands vying for your school technology dollars.

Trouble is, it can be devilishly difficult to separate truth from hype when you look at the claims and counter-claims offered by manufacturers, resellers, and market research outfits.

Gateway 2000, the South Dakota-based manufacturer of Intel-standard PCs, claims to be overtaking Apple as the number one supplier of desktop and portable computers to the education market. Yet Apple and some industry analysts disagree.…Read More