New Common Core resource aids students with special needs

Free Common Core resource for educators emphasizes that special needs students can’t be left behind

common core-students-special needsOne of the best non-profits for the advancement of education technology has developed a new, free Common Core website for educators that offers customizable resources to improve teaching and learning for struggling students and those with disabilities.

The website’s–PowerUp WHAT WORKS–materials focus on four key areas, including evidence-based practices, Common Core State Standards, technology in schools and classrooms, and personalization of learning through Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and differentiated instruction. Read more about the four key areas.

“In schools across the country, administrators and teachers are concerned about students’ ability to successfully meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), especially struggling students and those with disabilities,” said the website. “Although the CCSS mention the value and potential benefit of technology for students with disabilities, there are few places to turn to for reliable information, curated resources, guidance, and support.”…Read More