12 ed-tech tools to try this term

From essay help to keeping students on track, check out these sites and apps

The school year is in full swing, so it’s time to kick things into high gear and push learning to a whole new level. Online technology tools can be an incredible asset in the classroom, enhancing the learning experience for students and making the teaching experience more pleasant and less stressful. Check out these ed-tech tools that you should definitely consider bringing into the classroom this term.

Sight Words
Sight words are those words that a child should memorize in order to help them learn how to read and write. And, the most effective way to learn those words is through repetition using flashcards and word-focused games. Sight Words helps you to supplement phonics learning through a series of lessons, flashcards and games.

Just because you’re doing a quiz, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you’re doing it. And, on Quizalize, every quiz you find has been created to be both educational and fun. Teams of students can join forces in competition, while a live dashboard allows teachers to see each student’s strengths and who needs the most help from you.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab
On their mission to assist writers in their skill development, Purdue University offers their Online Writing Lab (OWL) as a free resource for users around the world. They make available over 200 resources, including information on writing and teaching writing, grammar, style guides, and more. Teachers can use this for in-class instruction or out-of-class teaching. There are even learning resources for English as a Second Language students.

No matter what a student has got to say in their written work, if they’re not using proper grammar, they could be missing out on marks unnecessarily. Boom Essay’s Grammar Guide outlines the basics everyone should know in order to get their message across clearly and without error. Improve spelling, punctuation, and grammar simply through following this easy to follow guide.

Write About
Students can become a part of this online community of writers, where they’ll receive genuine help from teachers throughout the writing process. After creating their posts from scratch or ideas from Write About, students can get feedback from their teacher or publish their posts and get comments on their works.

Haiku Learning
Get the entire classroom engaged in learning through interactively created pages on Haiku Learning. Embed all of the relevant content you want from YouTube, Google Docs, and so many other resources. Once you’re all done, you can share what you’ve created with other users, as well as using those pages created by other teachers in your own classroom.

Whether it’s complete content creation assistance or help with editing and proofreading already created written work, this website can help. And for those students in Adelaide, whether undergrads or grads, EssayRoo can provide them with all of the writing services they could possibly need, at affordable rates. Expert writers are paired with you to get the project done perfectly.

Distractions can be a difficult thing to try to block out. But, with Noisli, you’ll get some help in improving your focus and boosting your productivity by using background noise. Quickly get into the zone by blocking out those annoyances. Just visit Noisli and click on the sound you want to hear to get started – it’s just that easy!

Google Cardboard
Anyone can instantly have a Virtual Reality experience with Google Cardboard. Fold it up and enter the incredible world of VR using your smartphone. It’s both simple and affordable, and you’ll be able to experience some incredible things, making it seem just like you’re really there. It gives you a wonderfully new perspective to see things and have experiences from, giving you an entirely different learning experience.

This innovative new interactive tool lets everyone be heard. Just create a question, then give your audience the opportunity to each submit their own answer. It’s a wonderful way for everyone to have an equal opportunity to voice their opinion, and to interact in a new way, creating an open dialogue and discussion.

Powerful, fun and safe for students, teachers and parents, Biblionasium helps build strong independent readers through connecting with each other and exchanging book recommendations. Students can set up their virtual bookshelves, including their favorites, books they recommend others to read and a wishlist of books they want to get their hands on.

For learning anytime and anywhere, ScriptoPro offers customizable online testing and training for teachers. Create quizzes, add videos and more, then share with students so they’re able to engage in the online interaction. When they complete these quizzes and tests, their scores will be gathered and analyzed for you to review easily.

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