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WebNotes allows users to annotate web pages

To help students with online research, Boston-based company WebNotes created a web-based highlighting and “sticky note” tool that allows users to compile information from multiple web pages to organize and share their findings.
Key words: WebNotes, online research, sticky notes

46 states, D.C. plan to draft common education standards

Forty-six states and the District of Columbia have announced an effort to craft a single vision for what children should learn each year from kindergarten through high school graduation — an unprecedented step toward a uniform definition of success in American schools, reports the Washington Post.

Effort to reshape U.S. schools faces challenges

As chief executive of the Chicago Public Schools, Arne Duncan closed more than a dozen of the city’s worst schools, reopening them with new principals and teachers. Now Duncan, President Obama’s education secretary, wants to take school turnaround efforts nationwide on a scale never tried before, though he faces many obstacles, reports the New York Times.

Communication is even more important during tough times

Times are tough. More students are homeless and hungry. More school employees are getting laid off. People who normally don’t worry much about their personal finances are worried now. With anxiety and stress rampant, school leaders need to focus more time and attention on communications.

Key words: school communication, school crisis policy, school communication policy

Obama budget could expand college enrollment

As Congress begins hearings on the federal budget for fiscal 2010, officials at traditional universities and online colleges alike said President Obama’s budget proposal would make grants available to more college students and encourage adults to earn degrees and bolster their resumes during an economic downturn that has seen the job market stagnate. Key words: President Obama, education funding, Excelsior College, Michigan State University, Pell grants, Perkins loan, education, technology

School security breaches on the rise

Increases in physical and network security breaches among K-12 school districts are hampering schools’ efforts to improve their overall security, according to the third annual School Safety Index, a survey of more than 400 K-12 district IT and security directors conducted by CDW-G.
Key words: school safety, school physical safety, school IT safety, school network security, CDW-G

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