Navigating the Changing Workforce: Managing Technology Operations Across Generations & Skill Sets

Moderated by Kevin Hogan, eSchool News, Editor-at-Large

Change is inevitable and comes in many forms. As employees retire or change jobs, the wealth of technology knowledge and history that these individuals hold could be lost. This is seen frequently in the constantly changing, dynamic, fast-paced world of technology operations. Do you know what type of situation you’re walking into your first day on the job? Maybe you inherited a pretty good situation or maybe you stepped into a mess. Either way you’ve got an obligation to leave things better than you found them and be a good steward of the students and staff you serve. It’s always the right time to prepare your tech team for the inevitable coming and going of employees and the potential knowledge and data that goes with them.

Join us as our speakers discuss:

  • Common scenarios that bring about change in technology departments
  • What is at risk of falling through the cracks as a result of change
  • Best practices and tools to help protect against potential risk
  • How to be an “agent of transformation” and leave an impactful, lasting legacy


Meet Your Speakers

Karen McKenzie
Director of Technology and Innovation
Cary Academy

With over 20 years of experience both in and out of the classroom, Karen McKenzie is an educator who specializes in the cultivation and implementation of innovative ideas. In her current role as Director of Technology and Innovation at Cary Academy, an independent school for grades 6-12 located in Cary, North Carolina, Karen is responsible for overseeing all aspects of technology on campus—from curriculum integration to infrastructure to research and development. She also chairs the computer science department. An expert in data analytics, virtual reality, and integration strategies, she enjoys sharing her expertise as a consultant, presenter, and panelist.

Joshua Telarico
IT Implementation Specialist
Dude Solutions

Joshua Telarico is an Implementation Specialist for Dude Solutions, a market leader in providing solutions to streamline areas of facility operations.  At Dude Solutions, Joshua is responsible for assisting organizations in implementing IT product solutions, as well as instructing online seminars that align with the IT industry best practices to increase operations efficiency. Prior to joining Dude Solutions, Josh worked in IT for 5 years, providing technical services in sales and in networking.