Enabling the Instructional Non-IT Crowd

Posted on: December 13, 2016

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About Event

It’s nearly unanimous that bridging IT and instructional goals within schools leads to a better educational experience for students. But the debate over how to empower non-technical roles to assist with day-to-day management of student iPads rages on.

In our webinar, Enabling the Instructional Non-IT Crowd, we’ll show you processes that enable non-technical staff to access the power of iPad management to conduct routine actions in order to customize students’ learning experience and environment.

You will learn what is possible and the processes to:

  • Create individual and group admin accounts with specific and limited abilities for building principals, library/media specialists or other non-technical roles
  • Implement workflows that make it easy for non-technical staff to distribute and reassign content
  • Delegate iPad management, including modifying privileges for websites, camera and iTunes access

Who should attend:

  • IT Directors, Managers,
  • System Administrators
  • Instructional Technologists
  • Curriculum Directors, Coordinators