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By integrating endpoint, network, and physical security, school leaders can create safe campus environments that empower students to focus on learning, teachers to focus on teaching, and IT to focus… Read More

With 208,000 students in over 200 schools, Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) is leading the way for schools across the nation in implementing a 1:1 program. Read why OCPS deployed… Read More

Data-driven decision making has become a standard practice in K-12 school systems today. As more school district functions become automated, K-12 leaders are able to collect all kinds of information… Read More

Emergencies happen—from intruders to natural disasters—and a detailed emergency response plan is critical in minimizing risk, coordinating resources, and ensuring the safety of students and staff. Learn how deploying a… Read More

Implementing a one-to one (1:1) device initiative for digital learning is a significant investment for any school district. Here are four ways that CatchOn, a data analytics and application monitoring… Read More

It takes an entire community working toward the same goal to make any K-12 technology initiative successful. Explore this paper to discover top considerations and best practices for creating and… Read More

Listening to students’ voices and giving them learning choices are critical in providing personalized learning. Incorporating student voice and choice results in better educational outcomes, and happier students and teachers.… Read More

Digital content, BYOD, 1:1 initiatives, and IoT are transforming the education landscape—and often putting maximum pressure on network capacity and security. Is your network up to speed? This new research… Read More

Our world is changing faster than ever. What skills will today’s kindergarteners need to be life-ready by the time they graduate in 2030? This McKinsey Whitepaper addresses the critical role… Read More

Every student deserves learning opportunities that help them develop the attributes needed for success in a world that is rapidly changing. Learn how Fresno Unified School District collaborated with partners… Read More

An innovative New York program is using the city’s built space—its iconic bridges, skyscrapers, and parks—to engage students in STEM subjects in a way that is relevant, relatable, and hands-on.… Read More

Billions of dollars in funding is allocated to school districts across the United States each year through federal grants and child nutrition programs. But accounting for the labor costs involved… Read More

Performing routine technology audits is an invaluable part of managing your assets for cost efficiency and efficacy. Download our guide to learn more!     Read More

How can educational organizations achieve cost-savings and efficiencies with minimal investment? By optimizing their document imaging devices- MFPs, printers, scanners & more. The first step is a TCO analysis. Download… Read More

It takes an entire community working toward the same goal to make any K-12 technology initiative successful. Explore this paper to discover top considerations and best practices for creating and… Read More

Leaders in digital education use ebooks and audiobooks in innovative ways to deepen the student reading and learning experience. Discover how four educators are using digital to maximize student agency,… Read More

The Dissertation Completion Pathway is an innovative way for students to earn their doctoral degree. Not only does it utilize the same one-to-one learning model used throughout our other programs,… Read More

Discover how classroom management software gives teachers the superpowers they need to become Heroes in today’s digital classrooms. With the ability to monitor student progress and assist without drawing attention,… Read More

Technology has an undeniable influence on our world today, and it’s likely to continue to shape our future. From artificial intelligence to solving humanity’s greatest problems, building a better future… Read More

Nearly every sector of our economy relies upon data, from business and government to financial institutions. Protecting this data requires constant vigilance from professionals that have the right skills, knowledge… Read More

Northcentral University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Technology and Innovation Management (PhD-TIM) curriculum is not a business degree, but an innovation through technology degree. Our PhD-TIM program has been specifically designed… Read More

Technology is an integral part of our lives, and we rely upon it for everything from business and manufacturing to staying connected to friends and family. Creating the modern experience… Read More

Northcentral University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership (PhD-OL) curriculum is a challenging, yet fulfilling, in-depth study of leadership with broad application across industries. The PhD-OL program allows you to… Read More

Northcentral University’s Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management (MSTIM) curriculum will prepare you to become a champion of positive change in any organization. Through new ideas, new technologies… Read More

For educators and administrators, completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education demonstrates a strong commitment to the contribution of new knowledge to the field of education. View this paper… Read More

Master of Education

January 2, 2018

At Northcentral University, we understand the impact that completing a Master of Education (MEd) can have on your career. View this paper to learn how our online master’s degree program… Read More

Doctor of Education

January 2, 2018

For educators and administrators seeking to make a larger impact on their profession, a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree demonstrates a strong commitment to the field of education. View this… Read More