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A flexible approach to BYOD is allowing a cash-strapped Connecticut district to create a 1:1 computing program in its  schools. Here are the five secrets to its success. Read More

Confirming our position as a disruptor in the Secure Web Gateway market, iboss has been named a visionary in Gartner’s 2017 Secure Web Gateway Magic Quadrant. In fact, iboss is… Read More

A digital transformation is underway in K-12 schools across the country. Just as it has done in many other parts of society, technology is disrupting old education models and enabling… Read More

Cybersecurity is one of many considerations teachers now juggle as they seek to get the most out of digital transformation in the classroom.  But when the weight of assuring cybersecurity… Read More

The Pascagoula School District, located in the Gulf Coast Region of Mississippi, is home to 19 K-12 schools that serve 9,000 students and staff at 21 sites across the district.… Read More

Rodean School is a prestigious, independent school founded in the Kemp Town district of Brighton in 1885. Its purpose was the academic advancement of girls by preparing them for entrance… Read More

Building a data-driven tech plan is essential to create future-ready learning environments that drive student outcomes, but it isn’t enough by itself. Access our resource: Three Action Items to Ensure… Read More

View this infographic to find out what the Center for Digital Education discovered when they surveyed K-20 education decision-makers about the challenges and benefits of active learning. Intel Inside®. Powerful… Read More

When you design a modern learning environment you need to make the right technology choices to support your learning model. Read this paper from Dell and Intel® for ideas to… Read More

Making the transition to a fully digital environment is always a challenge. When a school survey at Crowley Independent School District found the number of students using smart devices leapt… Read More

According to recent survey by The Center for Digital Education, over 91% of respondents agree that active learning better prepares students for college and careers than traditional education frameworks. This… Read More

Louis Zulli Jr., technology coordinator, IT instructor and network administrator for The Center for Advanced Technologies (CAT), has led a technological transformation beginning over two years ago that has resulted… Read More

Providing student access is a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be a headache. From your first stakeholder meeting to putting devices in student hands, here’s what your district… Read More

Math is the universal common denominator that prepares your students for career readiness. Many emerging and established career options are rooted in math principles. Capture your students’ interest in future… Read More

Staff members in learning environments already have many responsibilities. Spending added time managing day to day communications should not be one of them. Minimizing unnecessary tasks and streamlining efforts allow… Read More

Nearly three out of every four American elementary classrooms (PreK – 2) now include at least one English language learner (ELL). Part One of this series identified the five key… Read More

Around the world and among U.S. education leaders, elementary schools are struggling with Oral Language Acquisition (OLA) and literacy achievement. Published data shows that children are not reading at level… Read More

K–12 schools, higher education institutions, and libraries are tasked with managing, storing, and securing immense amounts of critical data. We have outlined eight simple strategies you can implement to more… Read More

The DreamBox 2018 Grants Guide contains links to more than 55 organizations and foundations currently offering cash or in-kind donations to help fund STEM programs for students, new tech for… Read More

Many educators hear STEM education and think of robots and 3D printers. But ask women who are revolutionizing STEM in the classroom what they’re focused on, and they’ll give you… Read More

The way to improve your school’s STEM offerings, and boost the learning of all your students, is to combine commitment from leadership, effective professional learning, and high-quality resources. Read More

When the Mesquite ISD’s Library Services set about updating its vision statement, the team determined it was time to expand the libraries’ digital footprint. “We were saying ‘We want to… Read More

Best-practice recommendations for successful implementation and adoption of workforce management technology. Read More

OneRoster is a data standard for securely sharing roster, course, and enrollment information between systems, and is already seeing broad adoption across the ecosystem. With the release of v1.1, districts… Read More

For educators and administrators, completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education demonstrates a strong commitment to the contribution of new knowledge to the field of education. View this paper… Read More

Master of Education

January 2, 2018

At Northcentral University, we understand the impact that completing a Master of Education (MEd) can have on your career. View this paper to learn how our online master’s degree program… Read More

Doctor of Education

January 2, 2018

For educators and administrators seeking to make a larger impact on their profession, a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree demonstrates a strong commitment to the field of education. View this… Read More

From deep-space exploration to a deep dive into the signing of the Declaration of Independence, virtual reality field trips are gaining traction in K-12 schools. Augmented by detailed lesson plans… Read More

Did you know that students in rural schools, while facing difficulty obtaining devices and internet connectivity at home, actually outscore their suburban peers in access at school? Or that higher… Read More

Visual content is a powerful tool for learning and communication. According to video marketing firm Wyzowl, research suggests that only 10 percent of people remember what they hear, and 20… Read More

Interested in learning more about how 3D printing can enhance your curriculum and how other educators are using 3D printing as a teaching tool? Download this lesson plan bundle for… Read More

Learn how the Connect Information Technology Center leverages a cost-effective Shared Collection to provide equal access to eBooks and audiobooks for the more than 90 districts and schools it serves… Read More

Did you know that ALL schools that applied for E-rate have been funded for the last 3 years? Are you missing out on the opportunity to improve your classroom Wi-Fi?… Read More

An IT assessment can address many questions and concerns about a school district’s tech infrastructure and operations. It can also enable you to improve learning, teaching, and student outcomes. Read More

Staff members in learning environments already have many responsibilities. Spending added time managing day to day communications should not be one of them. Minimizing unnecessary tasks and streamlining efforts allow… Read More

School information technology (IT) departments are tasked with deploying and managing a wide array of technologies. Finding the time and money to devote to purchasing, racking, stacking, and powering servers… Read More

We look to our nation’s schools as an oasis of learning, safety, and, stability. The Motorola Solutions 2017 School Communications Survey illuminates the fact that in some important ways, schools… Read More

Today’s educational IT departments are responsible for processing large amounts of data as well as managing multiple software applications and technology tools. Many are using cloud services to alleviate their… Read More

Enter the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest to empower students, inspire ideas, and create change by incorporating STEAM into projects designed to help advance the interests of local communities. Apply… Read More

Enter the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest to empower students, inspire ideas, and create change by incorporating STEAM into projects designed to help advance the interests of local communities. Apply… Read More

Enter the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest to empower students, inspire ideas, and create change by incorporating STEAM into projects designed to help advance the interests of local communities. Apply… Read More

Learn how North Carolina administrators persevered, despite budget challenges, to fulfill teacher demand for Newsela PRO. This district profile outlines how Buncombe County Schools were able to: Enhance lessons across multiple… Read More

Digital learning boosts student achievement and is vital to the modernization of school curriculums and long-term success of educators. For schools, E-rate eligible networking solutions mean an opportunity to deliver… Read More

As the third largest district in Texas, and 22nd-largest nationally, Cypress-Fairbanks required a Wi-Fi system capable of securely supporting a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) environment and scaling to a… Read More

Classrooms are changing. Learning environments are now preparing students for their future work environments. Classrooms are shifting away from rows of desks, to an environment that promotes collaboration between students,… Read More

Learning is transforming! With new technology being introduced into the classroom at breakneck speeds, it may seem impossible to stay ahead of the curve. While mobile learning, collaborative environments and… Read More

In this white paper, we discuss the opportunities for organizations in primary education, higher education, healthcare and retail to transform their businesses by embracing digital transformation, whether it is the… Read More

IMS Global recently released the v1.1 specification for OneRoster, a data standard for securely sharing roster, course, and enrollment information between systems. Kimono is proud to be one of the… Read More

Want to implement personalized learning? The Personalized Learning Challenge is a way to get experts to your district, and to help you put in place the cornerstone for a successful… Read More

The new tool integrates seamlessly into the classroom allowing fifth grade students to collaborate and interact with web content Read More

Part 3 of our series on Selecting Curriculum to Support Personalized Learning includes the steps and resources needed to make the right decisions along with valuable insights from district leaders… Read More

K-12 schools are investing in technologies for higher student achievement, but successful implementations and adoption are critical. Read more to discover best-practice recommendations for the transition to automated workforce management… Read More

Learn about the true cost of manual absence management and how using an automated absence management solution can help school districts see absence trends to better control costs, improve productivity,… Read More

Teachers need reliable assessment data to guide their instruction and make sure that every child meets rigorous learning standards. But the data they get from a formative or interim assessment… Read More

While budget pressures continue to force school districts to safeguard funding for educational priorities, K-12 leaders are right to worry about custodial outsourcing plans that deliver on price, but miss… Read More

IT teams need a seat at the C-level or board table as drivers of the 21st century classroom. This white paper examines how IT departments can be more proactive, better… Read More

With both a deep history and commitment to education, Apple unveiled classroom-altering education features with iOS 9.3 and iOS 10.3 to further enhance the teaching and learning experience, while making… Read More

What does teacher professional development mean to effective differentiated instruction? In this summary of Leveraging Digital Content to Differentiate Learning by Project Tomorrow, learn how to adapt to using digital… Read More

View this video to learn how Kimono makes it easy to securely share student information, including grades, amongst district software applications. Kimono’s standard-agnostic platform connects the SIS with other applications… Read More

Looking to prepare students for STEAM careers, a Los Angeles-area school district, located in the heart of a technology corridor, is using a laser machine and project-based learning to create… Read More

If you think Apple TV is just for entertainment, think again. With this PDF you’ll learn: why Apple TV matters for education, how to make set up and management easy… Read More

Ensure all students have equitable access to quality digital literacy instruction. Read More

Looking to expand reading opportunities? A Shared eBook and audiobook Collection from OverDrive Education is a creative solution with budget benefits and best content availability. Learn how Hawaii DOE pooled… Read More

Devices with sensitive data may get lost or stolen; and the very endpoint agents that are critical for seeing and controlling the devices become broken. Employees also go off the… Read More

Technology has always played an important role in education, but the past 10 years have seen U.S. schools embrace it like never before. The impact of more affordable devices, improved… Read More

Enterprise IT teams face an uphill struggle to maintain visibility into and control over corporate resources and mitigate risks to critical business assets. The problem today is compounded by the… Read More

Indianapolis Public Schools, based in Indianapolis, is central Indiana’s largest and most academically diverse school system.  Indianapolis Public Schools operates 60 schools, employs over 6,000 administrators, teachers and support staff,… Read More

The emergence of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), zero-day vulnerability exploits, and the ever-present threat posed by arguably the most dangerous of adversaries, the organization’s own users, continue to poke new… Read More

Learn how Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools saved over $100,000 by recovering stolen computers and leveraging the Service Guarantee. Read More

Don Williams, AW’s Technology Coordinator, describes laptop theft as costly and inconvenient; it overstretches available resources and interrupts the workflow of both staff and students. As school boards often face… Read More

Learn how the Kent School District uses Absolute to inventory computers and crack down on notebook thieves.  Kent School District has long understood the learning benefits that mobile computer labs… Read More

Learn three important ways that integrating device analytics into your technology plans can help your school gain visibility into how your students and teachers interact and use their devices. Read More

The key to sustaining today’s classroom is employing comprehensive security and awareness programs that will increase IT efficiency and foster a safe environment for students and staff. Learn how Absolute… Read More

Plan, implement, measure, and adjust your Blended Learning roadmap to student success with this Dreambox Learning guidebook. You’ll also find best practices for administrators and coaches to empower teachers on… Read More

Limited time and resources are always challenges for IT departments; therefore, we’ve created guidelines that truly allow you to do more with less by making alterations to your planning processes.… Read More

Odysseyware® Academic Services combines Odysseyware award-winning core, elective, and CTE curriculum and instructional tools with state-certified, highly qualified teachers. We provide instructional and support services to schools and districts looking… Read More