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Best Practices in School Technology


Wi-Fi in schools: Security vs. accessibility

The very benefit of Wi-Fi in schools—easy, open access—is also the biggest threat. Is the FCC helping school administrators understand the risks, or simply doling out cash without further security advice?...

Best Practices
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6 ways to improve dropout prevention efforts

Bob Darby, a former educator and district superintendent, shares six critical dropout prevention strategies.…


Seven keys to deploying tablets successfully

Marc Fanaroff, a special education administrator for more than 30 years, shares his advice on successfully deploying tablets in schools.…


5 key steps to safeguarding student data

As uses of student data continue to expand, districts must be prepared to protect this information and ensure it's only used for its indented purpose: to help students…


8 simple tools for creating engaging infographics

Human beings are visual and adept at identifying patterns and trends quickly. Infographics can aid our understanding of otherwise dense, multifaceted, or complicated material.…


How ‘productive struggle’ can lead to deeper learning

Students can experience "productive struggle" when given a task slightly beyond their abilities. As educators provide support for tackling a challenging problem through different approaches, they can help…


Why a flexible SIS is a key to mobile learning success

When we started planning the Mobile Minds initiative, a majority of our time was spent discussing and evaluating learning management systems and mobile device managers. Ultimately, we could…

Educator Resource Centers

Strategies for One-to-One Computing Success


A growing number of school leaders have recognized the benefits of making sure every student has access to a digital learning device, both in the classroom and at…

How to Make Blended Learning Work


Blended learning, in which students experience a mix of face-to-face and online instruction, is catching on in K-12 schools—and advocates of this approach say that, when done well,…

Preparing Students for 21st Century Careers


Sixty percent of today’s students will have careers that don’t exist yet, which speaks to the challenge schools face in preparing them for their future. So, what are…

Harnessing Data for Common Core Success


There is broad agreement among education leaders that collecting and analyzing student performance data, and using this information to target instruction more effectively, will be critical in making…