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Best Practices in School Technology


4 tech tools that met a district’s top goals

The Napa County Office of Education (NCOE) is on a mission to use technology to prepare all students for academic and career success. We have implemented several initiatives that span from elementary school to high school, accommodating students at every stage of the K-12 lifecycle. The following technology initiatives are making a difference in the lives of children in Napa County and helping us, as educators, better understand what our students need to succeed. Early learning NCOE teamed with NapaLearns, a local non-profit organization, to make the research-based Footsteps2Brilliance app available for free to all Napa County preschool age children,...

Best Practices
Educational apps have huge potential for today's students.

5 stimulating web apps that will engage K-5 students

Sheree Schulson, a second and third grade teacher at Parkside Elementary School in Coral Springs, Fla., shares five interactive apps for K-5 students.…

The proposals are part of an education reform agenda pushed by Mayor Ted Gatsas following an outcry over crowded classrooms.

Using your LMS to provide powerful support for teacher intuition

A well-designed blended learning course can provide a teacher with greater insights to support his or her intuition. Here's how.…


10 privacy steps for every district

It would be hard to name an issue that has taken the education technology world by storm as has student data privacy over the past year. To address…


8 educators share back-to-school priorities

Common Core, technology use and integration are among back-to-school goals for the new school year A new school year brings with it new priorities for school administrators, teachers,…

Students in Philadelphia's Sustainability Workshop follow a challenging curriculum built on pursuing their interests through hands-on projects.

5 ways to create a performance-based school climate

Students’ learning is affected by academic as well as nonacademic factors. Enabling them to achieve their full potential requires integrating learning outcome data with information about special needs,…


How to minimize digital classroom distractions

Using technology in the classroom can also bring multiple distractions to students. As an educator, how can you confront this dilemma?…

Educator Resource Centers

How to Make Blended Learning Work


Blended learning, in which students experience a mix of face-to-face and online instruction, is catching on in K-12 schools—and advocates of this approach say that, when done well,…

Strategies for One-to-One Computing Success


A growing number of school leaders have recognized the benefits of making sure every student has access to a digital learning device, both in the classroom and at…

Preparing Students for 21st Century Careers


Sixty percent of today’s students will have careers that don’t exist yet, which speaks to the challenge schools face in preparing them for their future. So, what are…