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Top News
STEM-learning News

Texas Instruments Foundation donates $2.2M for STEM district

The Texas Instruments (TI) Foundation is donating a grant of up to $2.2 million to Educate Texas to accelerate the development of a STEM district in the Lancaster…


How IT can help shape their district’s technology vision

CTOs and their teams can give students the digital toolsets and support that they need to succeed now and in the future When he thinks back to 2010-2011,…

education-report News

3 critical education topics affecting U.S. students

An annual report examines the persistent gender gap in reading performance, how the Common Core is impacting reading achievement, and how intrinsic motivation plays a key role in…

ascd-logo News

ASCD notes Teacher Appreciation Week with free resources

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, ASCD has assembled a list of free professional development resources for teachers seeking to improve their practice. In addition to the free…

cyber-security News

University develops cyber security curriculum for middle, high schools

Researchers at Iowa State University are hoping to bring the subject of cyber security to grade school classrooms. The team is releasing the nation’s first computer literacy curriculum aimed…


How a collaborative mindset helps teachers reach all learners

Special ed and general ed teachers work together at one district to improve outcomes for everyone The implementation of the Common Core State Standards has been met with…

workshop-maker News

TechShop launches maker space workshops for educators

Seizing hold of the booming maker movement, a new four-day workshop is aiming to walk educators through the steps of designing, equipping and operating successful, safe and inspirational…

broadband-connectivity News

Arkansas launches $13M school broadband upgrade

As school broadband access becomes critical for student success, states are beginning to evaluate their broadband infrastructure to determine if upgrades and modernization are necessary. Arkansas started investing in…

Innovation Corner

This is how librarians can lead the digital transformation

Despite being pressed for time and resources, one librarian shares how her profession can serve as change agents in their schools' digital transformation by keeping priorities where they…


The innovative district where career prep is the only focus

A look at technology’s role in 21st century career and technical education with forward-thinking Dr. Nivea Torres of the Connecticut Technical High School System, a career-prep high school…


Why you should stop testing and start assessing

The thought of asking students to take tests to show their knowledge had never crossed my mind. My goal has always been to design courses that capture the…

Set up your own digital media lab for next to nothing How-to

Set up your own digital media lab for next to nothing

A green screen, a Mac, and some digital tools turn a tiny storage space into a hi-tech playground for video production that students and teachers love--all with minimal…


When students become entrepreneurs, real learning happens

Some are embracing their entrepreneurial spirit right at school, engaging in a style of project-based learning that helps make lessons come alive and touches on almost every aspect lån uten sikkerhet

Higher Ed Corner
sponsored by eCampus News

Northwestern students apply big data to presidential speeches

Teradata Corporation, a big data analytics and marketing applications company, announced winners from the second annual Teradata Aster and Northwestern University Hackathon event held April 29. A hackathon is…

Educator Resource Centers

Transforming Today’s Math Education


Math can be a challenging subject for many middle and high school students—and schools and districts often struggle to find ways to improve math proficiency while sustaining student…

Complete Classroom Management for Any Environment


Many solutions claim to be “multi-platform”, but with dedicated versions from Windows to ChromeOS, Android to iOS, Mac to Linux, all backed by a wealth of best practice…

Successful Tips to Accelerate English Language Learning (ELL)


English language learners (ELLs) face many obstacles compared to native English speakers. How can educators respond to significant challenges facing schools? Here’s what you need to know…

Mac to School


Districts across the nation are facing a dilemma: How can you keep up with the changing landscape of expensive educational technology when budgets are tighter than ever? The…

Navigating the New E-rate


In a series of moves that mark the biggest changes to the E-rate in its 17-year history, the Federal Communications Commission has updated the nation’s school wiring program…

Teaching Essential 21st Century Skills


Today’s students need more than just instruction in the core topic areas. They also need to learn key 21st-century skills that will serve them well in a globally…

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