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What students think of their blended learning teachers

What students think of their blended learning teachers

With blended learning, the computer may provide much of the learning fundamentals and students must be more self-regulated than in a traditional industrial model classroom, but the teacher…

discovery-techbook News

Texas approves Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook for statewide use

Following a rigorous evaluation, the Texas State Board of Education has approved the Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook for statewide use as a core instructional resource through its…

test-prep News

Austin ISD offers free test prep to high school students

Austin ISD (AISD) is partnering with Edgenuity, an online education provider, to expand support for all high school students by offering free test preparation services for college entrance…

infobase-update News

Infobase relaunches Issues & Controversies

Infobase, a provider of educational content to schools and libraries, has announced the relaunch of Issues & Controversies. The database, which aims to offer balanced treatment of complex,…

infosnap-pearson News

InfoSnap honored as inaugural Pearson award winner

InfoSnap, a provider of cloud-based registration management solutions, is the winner of Pearson’s inaugural Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Integration Excellence Award. Chosen from the more than 100 technology companies…


These amazing kits make electronics simple and fun for every student

Very young students often have a hard time engaging meaningfully in electronics projects. Sure, most middle school kids can learn the function of basic electronic components and follow…


Pearson unveils tablet ELL assessment system

A new tablet-based assessment developed by Pearson will specifically target English Language Learners (ELLs) in order to help them build English language skills and succeed on summative assessments. With…


Hillsborough County Schools reveals 99.98% uptime with LMS

A new system leads to improved outcomes and other revealing data Using a new purpose-built learning management system, Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida—the country’s eighth largest district—has…

Innovation Corner

How a GoPro got my students excited to learn

I had not planned to purchase a GoPro while out shopping. However, it was on sale, I had a coupon, two gift cards, and two weeks in the…

3 things great teachers do with technology

3 things great teachers do with technology

Too often, we see teachers putting the proverbial cart before the horse. They find an app or tool they like, so they introduce it in their classroom. The…

This Superintendent is bringing internet to every student, like it or not

This Superintendent is bringing internet to every student, like it or not

Superintendent Darryl Adams has turned a poor, rural district into a hotbed of innovation Few superintendents can claim to have met personally with President Obama. Fewer still can…

plcs-iste Resource

7 steps to creating PLCs teachers want to use

At my district, the MSD of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, we have found that changing the way we think about teacher training not only benefits staff developers and…

7 TED Talks All About Mobile

7 TED Talks All About Mobile

This month's TED Talks focuses in on a subject near and dear to our thumbs—our mobile devices. TED Talks are some of today’s most popular examples of the internet’s lån uten sikkerhet | super bowl commercials 2015 | eifs and stucco materials are great construction products | read the simple landscaping ideas that work effectively

Higher Ed Corner
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Video applications skyrocket university admissions

Does your institution think video admissions are just a flash in the pan gimmick? Well, it might be time to reconsider that stance. One of the first colleges…

Educator Resource Centers

Successful Tips to Accelerate English Language Learning (ELL)


English language learners (ELLs) face many obstacles compared to native English speakers. How can educators respond to significant challenges facing schools? Here’s what you need to know…

Transforming Today’s Math Education


Math can be a challenging subject for many middle and high school students—and schools and districts often struggle to find ways to improve math proficiency while sustaining student…

Teaching Essential 21st Century Skills


Today’s students need more than just instruction in the core topic areas. They also need to learn key 21st-century skills that will serve them well in a globally…

Navigating the New E-rate


In a series of moves that mark the biggest changes to the E-rate in its 17-year history, the Federal Communications Commission has updated the nation’s school wiring program…

Mac to School


Districts across the nation are facing a dilemma: How can you keep up with the changing landscape of expensive educational technology when budgets are tighter than ever? The…

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