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Top News
educational-games News

GameDesk releases 2 new kinesthetic-based games

GameDesk has released two new educational games, GeoMoto and Pangean, which are embodied learning experiences that allow players to learn through direction and movement by creating geographic features…

education-technology News

Educators share technology perspectives in new survey

As national debates focus on ESEA, student privacy legislation, and the future of education, a number of educators are speaking up about the ways they are using and…

computer-science News

Microsoft’s ambitious coding program expands

Though the technology industry is booming, especially in Washington, only about one in four high schools nationwide teach computer science. Many local and national efforts are hoping to close…


Video: When to choose iPads vs. Chromebooks

Two educators go head-to-head on which device is better for classrooms Ed. note: In partnership with Lesson Planet, we asked their professional development resource arm, PD Learning Network,…

vocational-ed News

High schools and manufacturers partner for vocational ed program

A New Jersey vocational program pairs manufacturers and high schools seeks to lift the image of manufacturing jobs for students and prepare them for life after high school.…

kajeet-wifi News

Kajeet providing free wi-fi to former CLEAR/Sprint WiMAX customers

The company will allow schools to trade-in unusable WiMAX devices issued by other companies in exchange for a Kajeet SmartSpot—a filtered wi-fi hotspot—at no additional cost.…

app-challenge News

New app design challenge centered around career and technical ed

A new mobile app competition with backing from the Department of Education and the First Lady is hoping to promote enthusiasm for higher education, including career and technical…

21stcentury-classroom News

Check out the 21st century classroom in action

Lots of open space and technology like 3D printers and GoPros bring the classroom of the future to life in one Iowa school. …

Innovation Corner

Flipping the classroom together—from 3,000 miles away

How two teachers overcome the challenges of flipping their classrooms, collaborating, and co-planning their lessons across states.…

innovative-classroom Resource

8 things every teacher can do to create an innovative classroom

Innovation can’t be tested or graded, but it can be built up. Here's how.…


What Google’s virtual field trips look like in the classroom

Last spring, Hector Camacho guided his high school economics class on comprehensive tours of the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve banks, and the Treasury Building. Students swept…


7 of Leslie Fisher’s favorite gadgets for 2015 and beyond

Speaker and self-professed gadget geek Leslie Fisher took to ISTE 2015 to share her favorite futuristic tech tools at her session "Attack of the Gadgets," where she shared…


Flipped learning is changing the face of special ed

E.L. Haynes has a one-to-one laptop program, and students also can bring their own devices to school. Using a flipped learning approach, teachers record their lessons and post…

Higher Ed Corner
sponsored by eCampus News

New grant program would lower print costs…by promoting online

A competitive grant program that would expand the use of "open" and free textbooks was proposed Oct. 1 by U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. The Affordable College Textbook Act…

Educator Resource Centers

Transforming Today’s Math Education


Math can be a challenging subject for many middle and high school students—and schools and districts often struggle to find ways to improve math proficiency while sustaining student…

New Interactive Curriculum for English Language Learners


Middlebury Interactive’s standards-based supplemental English language program focuses on academic English and literacy development for elementary and middle school students. The culturally inclusive curriculum engages students through a…

K-12 Collaboration – Driving Student Success through Teamwork and Technology


Education in the 21st century is a team sport. Collaboration is no longer an elective but a requirement. Limited by time and available resources, collaborating effectively can be…

Critical Thinking and Technology


The shift toward technology in education has been accelerated, and the vast array of digital tools now available to educators has had a significant impact on instruction.…

Math Apps That Matter


Primal Math is an award winning team dedicated to helping young learners develop their natural abilities to do math. We strive to develop creativity and build the confidence…

Navigating E-Rate


Our “Top 12 for K-12” will help you make a Wi-Fi decision when you are ready upgrade your network for the latest gadgets available in the classroom from…

A Network for Success


Is Your School District’s Network Prepared for 21st Century Digital Learning? Build and deploy a consistent network infrastructure that supports BYOD/1:1, Common Core and online testing, advanced multimedia…

Complete Classroom Management for Any Environment


Many solutions claim to be “multi-platform”, but with dedicated versions from Windows to ChromeOS, Android to iOS, Mac to Linux, all backed by a wealth of best practice…

Literacy in the Classroom: How digital resources can engage students in learning and support literacy development


Being literate in today’s world means not only being able to process and interpret words but a wide variety of images, maps, diagrams, tables, and text features –…

Creating 21st Century Learning Environments


A leader of one of the poorest school districts in the US, Dr. Darryl Adams is undaunted and tireless. His charge? Support 20,000 preK-12 learners-100% qualify…

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