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College and career readiness is of critical importance for all students--here's how to guide them down the right path

College readiness and access is often difficult, and students aren’t always sure how to embark upon their chosen career path. COVID-19 made college and career readiness more complicated for some students who chose to delay their postsecondary plans during the pandemic due to health, safety, family, and financial concerns.

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The pandemic is boosting student-directed learning

Project Tomorrow, a national, education nonprofit supporting the implementation of research-based learning experiences, and Blackboard, a leading EdTech software and solutions company, today released the final installment in a series of reports investigating the impact and expectations for digital learning from the point of view of K-12 students, parents and educators.

3 ways gamification engages students

Gamification, defined as using game-like elements in non-game contexts, can help motivate online learners and solve this issue. In the context of education, gamification elements typically include digital badges, leaderboards, progress bars, and more. Integrating these elements within an online learning environment can provide students with an intriguing, immersive experience.

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