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Improving online accessibility for students a major issue for schools

As schools make recorded lessons available to students online, they may not be making them accessible for students with disabilities. For some, that decision is causing serious consequences. …

Free VirtCon PD event focuses on digital media and the classroom

Discovery Education invites teachers and administrators worldwide to participate in the upcoming Spring VirtCon on Saturday, April 25. This no-cost, day-long professional development event offers both virtual and face-to-face opportunities for…

How 3 districts empower teachers as tech leaders

Plans to transition to a digital environment are forming in districts across the country, but the success of those plans largely hinges on one thing: teacher buy-in. Three school district…

Free summer school access to lessons for schools, districts

Educators and administrators across the country are looking for innovative, effective ways to ensure their students do not become victims of the ‘summer slide’ as well as attain mastery of…

Companies partner on math progress

Think Through Learning, authors of Think Through Math (TTM), has entered into an agreement with MetaMetrics, the developer of The Quantile Framework for Mathematics. Under the terms of the agreement, the…

Kansas preschool programs focus on literacy support

To ensure young children are reaching important achievement standards and school readiness goals, the Kansas Preschool Programs (KPP) are integrating structures necessary for implementing a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS). The…

Digital natives still clamor for print materials

Research confirms that millenials still prefer print books and other materials. Is the digital revolution more of a slow evolution? …

New book explores safe digital learning environments

New book explores safe digital learning environments

At CUE 2015, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) unveiled Securing the Connected Classroom: Technology Planning to Keep Students Safe. In their second book on the subject, authors Abbie…

Everything you never knew about using Google in the classroom

Did you know you can see all your copy/paste history in Chrome in a click? Bookmark all your browser tabs at once? Create choose your own adventures in Google Forms? More…

Digital instructional materials outpace print, study says

Teachers now are using more digital instructional materials than print materials in the classroom, according to a new study from Education Market Research (EMR)/Simba Information. The Shift to Digital in Reading,…

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