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With technology, schools try to level the economic playing field

In the middle of one of Miami’s poorest and toughest neighborhoods, there is a computer lab with free wireless internet for Liberty City residents who would otherwise go without the…

Do smartphones make for smart students? That depends

Googling, tweeting and texting are an integral part of Professor Andres Caiaffa's classroom’s culture. “As our student population changes, we need to change with them,” said Caiaffa, who teaches at Miami…

Kids can tweet, but many lack digital literacy skills

Sure, teens can text and tweet. But can they read search engine results and pick out reliable digital sources for school work? Probably not. For all the tech savvy that seems…

This drag-and-drop app teaches coding like a puzzle

While the economic demand for computer science skills continues to surge, introducing coding to the classroom can be an intimidating overture for teachers without a technical background. To ease this transition,…

Flocabulary debuts student assessments, reporting tools

Flocabulary has launched a new suite of features to help teachers, schools and districts assess student knowledge and diagnose needs for differentiation and intervention. In addition to the educational hip-hop videos…

New high school focuses on leadership and career readiness

Michigan students looking for flexible learning opportunities will soon be able to earn their high school diploma online while developing into agents of change in their local communities. Through diverse community…

4 apps that make writing with an iPad possible

As it turns out, tablets are extremely versatile tools for supporting writing instruction in the classroom, for everyone from our littlest learners to high schoolers and beyond. …

The $300 tabletop 3D printer currently captivating the world

A startup in China has already raised more than five times its goal for a tabletop 3D printer, which currently starts at $300. …

Think Through Math adds geometry to interactive math system

Think Through Learning, creators of Think Through Math (TTM), an instructional system for grades 3 and above, announced plans to expand its high school software line to include geometry. Built from…

Colo. district adopts new assessment system with real-time feedback

Jefferson County Public Schools (Jeffco), Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) and MasteryConnect have entered into a partnership to provide high-quality interim assessment tools to all schools in the Golden, Colo. district. “To…

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