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How online collaboration transformed instruction at two schools

While teachers know that collaborating with colleagues to develop multi-class or cross-curricular projects can be incredibly beneficial for students, most never get a collaborative project off the ground. It takes time, coordination, and will—and compatible teaching personalities also play a role in whether a project is successful....

Online Learning

Four criteria for evaluating blended learning tools

Blended learning has arrived. While schools and districts across the nation are in various stages of transition, there is little doubt that the appetite for interactive tools that…


Course Access policies focus on equitable learning

The answer to ensuring that all students have equitable access to the courses that will prepare them to be college- and career-ready could be found in a state…


The key to PreK-2 blended learning success

Implementing blended learning in the earliest grades can have an incredibly positive impact on students if educators follow a "transitional" blended learning model that focuses on active and…


What students really think about learning online

After recently posting two blog pieces about being an online teacher, I realized something was missing from the conversation: the voice of the students actually taking the digital…


It’s called blended learning (not blended teaching) for a reason

Many educators now accept the need to provide course materials online in a Learning Management System (LMS). However, this is only part of the solution as we move…


How do teachers, parents approach online safety?

Today, children in elementary school often have just as much, if not more, technology know-how than adults. But as children's tech use increases, and as they spend more…


Top software that will make every teacher’s life easier

If you ask any teacher, most of them will tell you that most of their time and effort goes towards planning lessons, arranging tests and creating effective and…

Online speech therapy gives some schools a much-needed solution.

4 secure online learning platforms to use

As good educators engage with students outside of the classrooms, usually through office hours, using a secure learning platform might just be the answer teachers have been looking…

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15 OER tools for educators

As educators and students clamor for relevant and engaging digital content, many are turning to open educational resources (OER)--educational materials that are free to use under a special…

Virtual classrooms may be the norm in the future

Three terrific virtual tours for the classroom

The benefits of virtual field tours are well known: They’re inexpensive—often free—and are less time-consuming than a real trip. But researching which virtual field trips are best can prove…

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The little district that did: Fairfield County Schools shares their 1:1 story

The little district that did: Fairfield County Schools shares their 1:1 story

Date: Wednesday, November 5th,  Time: 2:00 pm EST / 11:00 am PST   Fairfield County Schools, a small, high poverty school district in South Carolina is changing the…

Educator Resource Centers

Using Video to Transform Instruction


Video is a powerful tool to help students learn—and a growing number of educators are integrating video into their instruction, either by using pre-existing video assets or by…

Controlling Costs, Boosting Efficiency Through Smarter School Management


School and district leaders must be responsible stewards of public goods and resources—and this has never been more true than in today’s extreme climate of tight school budgets…

Teaching Essential 21st Century Skills


Today’s students need more than just instruction in the core topic areas. They also need to learn key 21st-century skills that will serve them well in a globally…

Harnessing Data for Common Core Success


There is broad agreement among education leaders that collecting and analyzing student performance data, and using this information to target instruction more effectively, will be critical in making…

How to Make Blended Learning Work


Blended learning, in which students experience a mix of face-to-face and online instruction, is catching on in K-12 schools—and advocates of this approach say that, when done well,…

Strategies for One-to-One Computing Success


A growing number of school leaders have recognized the benefits of making sure every student has access to a digital learning device, both in the classroom and at…