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States with the costliest teacher attrition

Teacher attrition costs the United States up to $2.2 billion a year, and states including California and Texas are among the top when it comes to financial impact.A new report from the Alliance for Excellent Education examines the reasons teachers leave their profession, analyzes the costs of recruitment and teacher replacement, and offers recommendations to help prevent teacher turnover.About 500,000 teachers move or leave the field entirely each year. High-poverty and urban schools experience a higher rate of turnover, with about 20 percent of teachers in these schools leaving each calendar year. This rate is roughly 50 percent higher than...

School Administration

Four steps to securing mobile content delivery

Students, teachers, and administrators expect access to educational content and information from any device, at all hours of the day—and these demands place a huge burden on school…


How to graduate globally competitive students

During a recent webinar, Microsoft executive Cameron Evans discussed four key skills that students will need if they want to succeed in the new global economy.…


6 questions to ask about data

The term "big data" is everywhere and, in a nutshell, is the term used today to describe large collections of data that companies use to personalize their products…


6 ways to fix 7 principal hiring challenges

Hiring a school principal isn't a small task--school leaders must be equipped to handle problems that come their way, all while supporting teaching and learning and modeling the…


The 3 biggest parts of digital citizenship

Today’s students are part of a global school. Many take courses online with classmates from all over the country, and often, the world. A growing and essential aspect…


Superintendents push schools into the digital age

A second-grader furrows her brow, searching her keyboard to find that funny number sign for her password. A third-grader holds her Chromebook aloft, hoping to speed the connection…


What’s a Culture of Data, and how can schools get one?

How can school leaders create a strong culture that uses educational data to make important decisions? Here are six key steps.…

Joel Sackett

4 ways technology can improve the hiring process

While there are many facets of the process that could be changed, a few key areas standout: there is a lack of multi-dimensional data on individual candidates, the…


How to build human capacity for a digital leap

Strengthening the human technology capacity in our school systems is imperative if we are to enhance the learning environment and prepare students for success in college, career, and…


9 secrets of innovative schools

Today's schools, educators, and district leaders strive to give students the best education possible. Doing that means being innovative.But in today's world of ever-changing technology tools, assessments, new…

Educator Resource Centers

Strategies for One-to-One Computing Success


A growing number of school leaders have recognized the benefits of making sure every student has access to a digital learning device, both in the classroom and at…

Preparing Students for 21st Century Careers


Sixty percent of today’s students will have careers that don’t exist yet, which speaks to the challenge schools face in preparing them for their future. So, what are…

Empowering Literacy Through Technology

Empowering Literacy Through Technology

The definition of “literacy” is evolving in the 21st century. Not only does it involve fluency in reading and writing, but it also implies an ability to think…

Rethinking Professional Development


In too many schools, teacher professional development consists mainly of large group workshops without any follow-through or support—which leads to very little change in instructional practices. But that’s…