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Securing Student Laptops for Safe Learning

mobilecomputingTechnology is an essential part of a 21st-century education for both teachers and students, and district 1-to-1 computing initiatives and laptop lending programs are on the rise. Most of the focus falls on how these mobile computers and handheld devices will help enhance teaching and learning. However, how a district manages its technology can have a significant impact on its budget.

New software makes it possible for companies to activate web-based communication with laptops, tracking their position and having them returned if they are stolen. These applications may also let school IT staff monitor hardware/software usage and determine if there are banned programs installed on school-issued machines.

With the generous support of Absolute Software, the editors of eSchool News have compiled this collection of stories and resources to help you and your staff choose the laptop security solutions that best meet your needs.

–The Editors

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eSchool News Articles

Acer launches two new Chromebooks for education


Acer expanded its line of Chromebooks for the education market with two new models, the Acer Chromebook C910 and Acer Chromebook C740, both introduced at BETT 2015 in…

Feds: No charges in school laptop-spying case

A school accused of spying on students through remote-activated webcams will not be charged.

No criminal charges will be filed against a suburban Philadelphia school district that secretly snapped tens of thousands of webcam photographs and screen shots on laptops issued to…

School webcam spying prompts call for new laws

Privacy laws haven't kept up with changes in technology, says Sen. Arlen Specter.

Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., is pushing for new federal laws on electronic privacy as a school district in his home state struggles with a lawsuit over attempts to…

Experts: Schools can track laptops less intrusively

Webcam pictures may not be useful in tracking down culprits.

School officials in Pennsylvania who admit remotely activating webcams to locate missing laptops could have used far less intrusive methods of finding the machines, such as GPS tracking…

Worry-free Strategies for School Laptop Management


Date: Wednesday, Feb 03, 2010 Time: 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT Duration: One hour (15 mins for Q&A) View Here! Laptops are becoming an essential part…

School security breaches on the rise

Increases in physical and network security breaches among K-12 school districts are hampering schools' efforts to improve their overall security, according to the third annual School Safety Index,…

Tracking equipment leads to recovery of stolen school computer

Thieves had better think twice before stealing a computer from the Fort Worth, Texas, school district, reports the Dallas Morning News: Fort Worth school officials say police have…

Educators struggle with AUP enforcement

School districts create acceptable-use policies (AUPs) to define what is--and is not--acceptable behavior when using their computer resources. But at a time when computers and internet access are…

Laptop theft puts 40,000 school employees at risk

Two laptop computers containing the names and Social Security numbers of about 40,000 current and former employees of the Chicago Public Schools were stolen from district headquarters April…

$100 laptop reinvents computer security

The $100 laptops planned for children around the world might turn out to be as revolutionary for their computer security measures as for their low-cost economics.

Technology Management: New tools make AUP enforcement easier than ever

In a perfect world, public school acceptable-use policies (AUPs) wouldn’t be necessary. However, school network administrators know that access to the internet and other network resources can be…

With PC tracking software, stolen laptop recovered almost instantly

A teacher from DeSoto High School in Texas, knowing she would be out of the classroom on school business for the day on Friday, April 17, hid her…