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Connecting kids with today’s changing tech tools

It’s not about bells and whistles with these tech tools for kids; it’s about letting them become responsible for their own learning

kids-technology-toolsImproved learning is a concern for our nation. Our economic prosperity depends on it, as does our strength as a nation. To improve learning in the 21st century, schools—and the public—must realize that students need the appropriate learning tools for this age.

Technology tools alone will not do it. Schools need to thoughtfully integrate technology in support of teaching and learning at higher levels. Our aim must be improved learning. It is not devices because they are cool, and it is not technology for the sake of technology.

When we talk about technology tools for kids, some people get confused and think we simply want the devices for their bells and whistles. Some think their primary purpose is to motivate modern kids. Still others think that we mean to replace teachers with computers. None of these are true.

We are talking about technology tools for kids because these tools facilitate a new and better type of learning in this age where students become responsible for their own learning. Instead of sitting passively and acquiring the knowledge that is provided to them by the teachers, the students become active learners in the classroom, researching answers, solving problems, and analyzing global issues.

Teachers in these classrooms must assume new roles as well. They must move from the provider of knowledge to the guide who assists students with their own individual learning.

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  1. patriciamcgee

    January 26, 2014 at 9:14 am

    One of the modern learning tools these days is the e-learning. Students all over the world are now opting for MOOCs or researching through academic help services like this:
    to get more and more diverse and updated information on their topic. I think this type of learning should be encouraged for kids who are preparing to go to college.